It’s Monday 27th July 2009 and it’s a boy!

As my sister Martha said, “I bet you get flooded with emails these next few weeks and get even MORE computer bound. Hah!” Well she was correct. We have had so many wonderful emails from you all wishing us all the best for our future. Thank you. It has really meant so much. But do remember, we will still be around – popping up for breakfast when we are staying at our Luangwa home, guiding in Liuwa etc.

We have also had a lot of support on the school building project – keep it coming!

Talking about Liuwa, Michelle interviewed the entire team at the end of the trip. Here are some “clips” and the full version is on the website. It is very interesting so see it through their eyes!

Alfred and EmmanuelMichelle’s birthday party

Emmanuel the Waiter…..No mosquitoes. No tsetse!….. No-one got sick because the place is so nice…… our visitors were always happy…. they liked to watch the sunsets on the water and turn around and see the big moon coming up behind the palm tree.

Yoga on the plainLady Liuwa with her mates

James the Bedroom Attendant….. In the morning I wasn’t happy – I didn’t want to go alone to the tents to switch on the boiler for hot showers because I was fearing the lioness coming into camp…… you can believe that the world is round because the blue sky and the land are connected and you can see this and also at night the stars move around from one side to another.

Alfred the Chef…. I’m very happy because I was flying for the first time….I wasn’t ever expecting to fly in my life and was so WOW to see the floodplain from the sky….. I have lots of recipes for cooking and anything you like to eat I can make so you are welcome.

The earth and the sky meetthe strong hyenas of the Liuwa

Bernard the Mechanic….when I went to town to collect our guests, I used to take all the cell phones from the camp staff and send the messages to the families because we were so far away from them. They were very happy to have the greetings.

Michelle the Hostess…..I never felt so good, such clean fresh air and delicious healthy meals. I even got the staff into a bit of a yoga routine in the mornings, which was highly amusing!

Alfred’s view of the Zambeziboating in supplies

Jason the Guide…. was great to see a neglected park recovering and to be a part of that process by proving that safaris can successfully work there.

Robin the Bwana….. the biggest highlight for me, was….to read more

So that will be the end of Liuwa for us (and you!) until November when we go back for two safaris. Then of course next May……”

Rocky returns to the Luangwa ValleyLuangwa lions feeding

What a great idea that was of Michelle’s. Returning to the South Luangwa…..

Rocky is back. He left us last year and is now living on a pacific island (sorry – cannot remember which one) and going to college. He was always very confident but boy – he has gained shed loads. Great to see him so happy. He wants to keep his hand in guiding so, fine by us! Here is news of his first few drives…..

Swallow tailed beeatersWild dog kill

“My first game drive started from the Tena Tena crossing point with two guests. Only ten minutes in we saw a leopard crossing the road in front of us, and then this was followed by nine lions on a buffalo kill. The kill was fresh as they were just starting to open it.

On the first night drive, five minutes after sundowners we had eight wild dogs chasing an impala. They made the kill just behind the bush next to us. We heard all the sound effects from the kill to the hyena getting excited and the dogs defending their kill. The impala only lasted ten minutes.

Rocky’s 2008 photo of a Luangwa leopardMunyama and Sakhile have a boy!

Then my first morning walk was another highlight. We followed a leopard for five minutes before it realised that we were there. No chance to take photos as we were all too excited and kept our binoculars to our eyes. It was trying to hunt puku but the monkeys gave it away and it slunk off.”

Not a bad start for Rocky’s return. For the cherry on the cake he photographed a couple of swallow tailed bee-eaters posing beautifully.

And finally – great news – Munyama and Sakhile have had a little boy. We are delighted for them!

All the best for a great week.

PS a reminder of the 2009 photographic competition! See details

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Liuwa cheetah.

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