It’s Monday 27th June 2005 and the Photographer

Gosh I really don’t know where to start this week. Gameviewing has been superb and one of the more unusual sightings came from Paul at Nkwali who writes –

“I was doing a transfer to the Tena Tena river crossing with four guests and a scout when we came across a strange sight. We were driving past the Wafwa and saw a pack of hyenas running around and there was a tawny eagle on the ground. I was suspicious and so the scout and I walked closer to see what was happening. As we approached the Tamarind tree we saw a large male leopard on the ground and this was what the hyena had just started eating! We watched the hyenas for a while and then the vultures moved in. Cause of death was probably a lion attack, or possibly old age, and the hyenas took advantage of it being weak and finished it off.”

Last night Jacob saw an aardvark just behind the camp as he was coming back from the pontoon. It was spotted just before Robin’s bridge which is where I saw one last year in the rains too.

Moving on to Simon and the first mobile – all went well and he is in fact still up there now on mobile number two.  We had a chat over the radio yesterday and he reported that they have had some lovely sightings. These included five different types of sunbirds on an early flowering sausage tree. One variety of which is in the photo above, however I have no idea which one it is and there are no guides around at the moment for me to ask – sorry for that as they say here!

Highlights were lion stalking a herd of 31 roan antelope on the Lundu Plains and a fresh buffalo kill. Lovely Kudu were seen and signs of buffalo – these were seen a few days later by Jason. Simon had a superb view of two different elephant groups, one of six and one of seven, he says that is the closest he has been to them in the area. Both groups were on the Chifungwe Plains so great to see them there and relaxed. They also saw a palmnut vulture which is not common and have also been hearing lots of lion and leopard calling at night. The river is very low for the time of year and crossing on walks is easy. Not to mention sitting mid stream for a sundowner. Emily has been enjoying her time up on mobile but she is due out this week as Gena has arrived, Gena will be looking after our mobile guests for the rest of the season and is now busy getting to grips with Shanie ops manual.

Rocky at Tena Tena sent me some photos this week. He really is amazing – not only finding wonderful birds and animals but also taking superb shots of them. Ross, Anna and guests had to temporarily abandon sundowners the other day when a family of elephants decided that they should take priority and wanted to walk right through the middle of the area. All very relaxed and after a short time everyone was able to continue drinking bubbly…

This huge crocodile shot was take by Rocky through his binoculars – what a whopper! Lunga lagoon is always a good spot to stop and see what is around but seeing a heron catching a snake was a real bonus. To finish we have a happy elephant and a sleepy leopard.

Well that’s it from me for this week. Next week we will have more shots of Luangwa Safari House, which really is coming along.  Jo is in South Africa this week with her interior designer hat on, buying lots of lovely things for the house. Hectic times but very exciting.
Stay well and have a great week.


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