It’s Monday 27th March 2006 and the Season Changes

This is the last newsletter of March – and so it heralds the end of our first operational “green season”.. Has it been a success?


In terms of game viewing – amazing. Every single guest coming through said the game was far beyond their expectation. They also commented on the bird life. With the migrant birds joining the residents and many in breeding plumage – this was on top of a number of “best bit” lists.


Our boat and the harbour. We were delighted with the new and frankly, “jolly expensive” boat. It meant that everyone could be whisked to and from the park directly from camp – even at night. Very few drives even touched the main bridge area. So worth every penny of it.

the boatCaptain Daudi

The boating trip is about twelve minutes turnaround, so if the camp is full it must be carefully orchestrated.. We worked out that Rob was doing four hours a day on the boat – not effective use of the GMs time. So Keyela and Daudi soon became master captains after training from Rob.

wet wadingflooded lagoons

The weather – mostly sunny and blue skies with patchy clouds, building up to storms at night. Apart from the one week when we certainly did experience “weather”. Rain stopped play only a couple of times however.

The river – we have been giving you pics of the river most weeks but here are a couple more at the highest point. The river was pumping and the lagoons wonderful for boating.


The guests – many had been with us before during the dry season and were delighted when we announced we would open throughout. They had been wondering what we had been raving about – safely from a “we are not open” stand point. So many well known faces pitched up. And of course lots of new!

The staff were happy – service charge, wages and tips throughout the low season was certainly welcomed. This has always been a tough period for cashflow from the point of view of both us and the staff ! And for the company – another yes.

Stuck vehiclerecue

The vehicles – certainly got a pounding at times. Carianne managed to get the vehicle spectacularly stuck when delivering food to the Luangwa House. And of course stood aside to watch the manly retrieval.

Any down sides??? Well – there is a certain sense of “where’s that break?” but to be honest – I enjoy the bush so much more with the guests here and gamedrives going out. So I will scrub that one out and book a holiday instead.

Here’s to the next seasonal period April and May – hopefully aptly called “Wild Dog Season” by Airwaves (well to be honest that was me!).

All the best


PS oh yes and the sunsets continued to be breathtaking!

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