It’s Monday 28th August 2006 and the unusual taxi

It’s Monday 28th August 2006 and the unusual taxi

croc on hippo back Well we have a bit of a mixed bag for you this week. First off an extraordinary sighting from Nkwali Bar – a young crocodile hitching a ride on the back of a hippo. Yes really… Quite an amazing sight.  Sorry the photo is a bit out of focus but I thought that it was such a rare thing that I would put it in just to prove that we were not hallucinating.

elephant outside the officeEqually amazing was a big bull elephant coming right up to the office last week. Geno and Suku could not help but stop work for a moment to get up close and personal with this huge beast. We are so lucky – there can not be many people who can say that they look up from their computer to find elephants right outside the office.

Chris, Frank, Barbara and Paul Our wonderful guests Frank & Barbara left last week – they have been visiting for years and always make sure that their trip co-insides with Paul Deniger – aka Dr Death. This year they celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary whilst staying at Nsefu. Reunited with Chris Holt and Paul – they celebrated in style with champagne and lovely canapés organized by Bex. They are a wonderful couple and although they said that this is their last visit after 14 straight years, we are hoping that they will decide to make 2007 their last instead.

Laura has been looking after guests at Nkwali for the last month or so. Laura came out as a guest a couple of years ago and is a school teacher in the UK. Having a long summer holiday she jumped on a plane and came out to help and we are really going to miss her when she flies home at the end of this week. However, we are pleased to welcome Rachel Holloway who arrived yesterday to take over the reins. I fear that a leaving party is however imminent and so there will be hangovers galore in the next few days! Laura visited Kawaza village with guests recently and her love of children certainly shone through. No sooner has she arrived when a baby was strapped to her back, a bucket positioned on her head and off she set to wander around the village. One stop included a trip to the traditional healer who took pleasure in showing Laura and the guests her “medicine room”.

Laura at Kawazathe healer

The walking mobiles up on the Mupamadzi are now nearing an end with only just over a month to go before the truck heads back to Nkwali with all of the kit and staff on board. The walking has been superb as usual with great sightings. Don and Simon nipped up this week and saw the first hartebeest of the season. They normally come in once the plains have been burnt and the new shoots are coming through. No photos unfortunately but Miles Geldard sent a CD to Robin and I have added a couple he took on one of Robin’s recent mobile trips.

Walking by the Mupamadzichecking the birds

Carianne surfing And finally – our crazy Dutch caterer, Carianne, has just arrived back from a couple of weeks at home attending a wedding. Just to prove the point I have included this photo of her which was taken a few months ago. The dust actually hides the “surf board” that is being towed behind the gameviewer. Carianne was surfing in a stray makoro that was pulled out of the river….mad woman. I hasten to add that Rob was driving VERY slowly so no health and safety issues! (Just in case her Mother is reading this and wondering what on earth we are putting her daughter though).

Stay well and have a great week.



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