It’s Monday 28th February 2011 and small is beautiful

“Small is beautiful” – this is very much true for Malawi which is one the smallest countries on this vast African continent but at the same time so diverse in landscapes and exuberant. It is often overlooked because of its size and that is partly why it is such a magical holiday destination. Lake Malawi, taking up one fifth of the country, is definitely amongst its most beautiful features with the most beautiful fresh water fish in the world.
view of the poolthe lake

It is so nice to be back! We have just returned to the lake from our annual leave and I must say it is absolutely amazing to see how the landscapes in and around Pumulani have changed with the rains. As you drive up the main access road to the lodge all you can see is maize and cotton fields in full bloom, hills covered in trees and bushes and the tall grass is crowding the road all along (yes, we need to do lots of slashing…). From our beach you can only see the main lodge building as the villas are tucked away in a lush green oasis. It is really the green season and it is stunningly beautiful to see all the vegetation flourishing after a long dry spell.

mending furnituredhow on lake

Pumulani is still closed at the moment and we are busy getting everything ready for the next season. The maintenance team is giving the villas some TLC to get them all ship-shape for when re-open on the 1st of April. The gardeners are grooming our living grass roofs, which are a real feature of the lodge. Our Captain Luckio and his team will sail the dhow to the boatyard in Mangochi for some overhauling and hopefully bring our most popular attraction back looking as good as ever while our tailor Macdonald is sowing a new sail.


We also use this quiet time of the year to do intensive staff training for all departments in order to step up the service for our guests another inch. We host theory workshops for waiters, housekeepers and chefs in various fields of expertise and do plenty of practical work with role plays, sometimes much to the amusement of staff when they have to play “guests”.

role playin the garden

Last year in 2010 we started an exchange program with the Zambian side of the operation and our guide and boat driver Glynn was sent to the Luangwa valley for some bush experience and further training. He still raves about this time there. In return two RPS junior guides Julius and Fred came to Pumulani to learn about the lake and boats. This year our aspiring young pastry chef Michael will make his way across the border to see how our experienced Zambian chefs handle daily life in the RPS kitchens. We will miss him and his yummy croissants but are looking forward to hearing about his adventures…watch this space.

For now we wish you a great week and look forward to seeing you in 2011!

Bettina & Luke

our lake

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