It’s Monday 28th November 2011 and the place for every occasion

This week I thought it would be good to hear from Mara and the Pumulani team

“Pumulani, which means ‘To Rest’ in Chichewa, our local language, has been anything but restful for us this season!! We have had a very good and busy season with lots of international guests from all over the world: Australia, Canada, America, South Africa, Hong Kong, England, Netherlands, France, Portugal, Sweden, Iceland, Germany, Italy and the local contingent!

Aerial View  Villa

We had our first wedding here in September, which was a roaring success. There were 23 guests who came from afar and took over the Lodge for a fun few days. It started off with a chic BBQ under the mango trees by our beach bar, of marinated prawns and chicken with delicious fresh salads and the afternoon spent playing on the beach, having sundowners on our dhow and the dress rehearsal for the big day!

The wedding took place down on the grass by the beach over looking Lake Malawi with the fishermen getting on with their daily work in the back ground. Our staff were fascinated as they had never seen a muzungu (white person) wedding before! Pimms slipped down a treat after the ceremony at the beach bar and then it was time to move back to the top for their sit down canapé lunch. The bride and groom were whisked away in the golf cart to be greeted at the Lodge by our staff, with cups full of rice, ready to show them how Malawians celebrate the exciting moment of becoming husband and wife! There was rice thrown over them and everywhere, the dancing and the singing was out of this world; it was a very powerful and moving moment for all, especially for those who hadn’t been to Africa before. It was a beautiful day which ended with a sit down three course dinner under the stars followed by dancing the night away and swimming in the pool to cool off. Both the perfect place and setting to get married.

Pumulani really is a magical place, where you can unwind after a hot and dusty safari or get away from the big smoke for clean fresh lake air. Not many of our guests have sat around doing nothing they have involved themselves in many of our activities… The keen birders have met with Glyn our knowledgeable guide at 7am to go for bird walks along the Lake shore looking for the many different species of birds, butterflies and flowers that are to be seen, and being met at the end by kayaks to get back to the lodge for a well deserved hearty breakfast.

Masked Weaver  Masked Weaver

Masked Weaver  Masked Weaver

The water sport enthusiasts and novices alike have been either practicing and excelling at their water skiing or learning how to do it with Glyn or Chris. Guests who have gone off to Cape Maclear for a snorkelling trip, in one of our speed boats for the morning or afternoon have come back blown away by the number of different cichlids they have seen and coming out of the water not being all sticky because of it being fresh water! The Dhow has set sail pretty much every single day, since April. Departing at 4pm with drinks and snacks for sundowners, while you’re out you can jump off and go for a swim and later on, with a little luck, to go and see the hippos or just sit back, relax and watch the sun go down!

Water ski  Dhow

There have been alot of international guests who have wanted to go to our local village, where a lot of our staff come from, to see how the locals live and their way of life. Many have been quite surprised to see how little they have, how many children there are and how happy they all are despite all the adversity they face. Loyce who is one of our waitresses has had a good season with her sales in the ‘shop’. She makes and sells baobab trees, cards, bookmarks, bracelets, paintings and she is currently working on her sewing skills. With earnings from her sales she puts money towards educating 17 orphans, aged 2-4 years, in her village by renting a church as a classroom during the week, paying 2 teachers salaries, slowly making them a uniform and by feeding them breakfast and lunch. In the afternoons she has another 12 orphans who are older who go to her and her husband, Michael’s (a waiter at Pumulani), house to learn arts and crafts, she also provides them with supper in the evening. She is the next mother Teresa.

Loyce  Orphans

In the evening on a clear and starry night you can keep on going by having a guided tour with Chris of the skies with our HUGE telescope; looking at the stars and the planets and seeing the ever changing show … The rains are now slowly starting to come and it’s time to start preparing for the festive season both Christmas and the New Year! Pumulani will be shutting on the 9th Jan for a well deserved rest for everyone and we look forward to opening in mid-March for another busy season.

Telescope  Telescope

We hope to see lots of you in the New Year, have a great Christmas and a very Happy New Year from all of us here.”

Thanks for sharing that with us, Mara. Speaking of Pumulani, it was recently voted one of the top five post-safari beach resorts in Africa by Beach Tomato !

Just a quick reminder that our Photo Competition is coming to a close on 11th Dec 2011 (moved from 1st Dec). If you haven’t already sent through those fabulous images you took from your safari with us in Zambia and Malawi this year, hurry and forward to .

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Have a great week everyone!


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