It’s Monday 29th August 2011 and a tall order

Hello again – so then what have we all been up to? This side it has been all go in the animal kingdom of the South Luangwa as well as the operations side of Robin Pope Safaris for that matter. No time to sit, kick back and have a cup of tea it seems the minute ones bottom hits the chair it is straight back up again and scooting around camp. Harriet, who is our hostess at Nkwali, came up with a very good idea to get hold of a pedometer to see just how much exercise we are doing with out realizing. Just think exercise that isn’t a chore!!

A little bit from behind the scenes just to keep you all in the loop – yesterday was a particularly hectic day with our weekly supply truck arriving. Try to imagine the amount of food needed for 8 camps and with all that at the same time we were packing up the Samil 50 ready for the mobiles team to leave. They are now up in the bushes for the next 6 weeks so last phone calls home were made as well as catch up time with all the guys at Nkwali. It was mayhem!!! All of that said it was all done and dusted by 10.30 so plenty of time to re-group. Webby, the driver of the Samil, is particularly happy as the new truck has arrived and it has a horn – so he sits high up in his cab with an enormous grin on his face and just before he leaves gives everyone a farewell toot.

Enough of that though, lets give you some of the news from the wilder side of life….

Rob and I were fortunate enough to have a day off, and took full advantage of the fact by packing a cooler box and heading out into the park, armed with cameras, and ready to go. Some drives you can see just about everything but on other drives it would appear that there is just one animal that stands out, and on this day it was giraffes – they were everywhere…. Maybe there was some kind of convention which no one had told us about but, jeepers, there was no holding them back. Youngsters with their heads just peeking up above the bushes, mums taking 40 winks under some sausage trees (you want to be careful with that spot as you may be woken up with a bit of a bump if you are not), then there were the lads showing off for the girls and having a sparing session. It is not the speediest of bust ups and does take some time but when they make contact it certainly packs a punch and you can hear the thud very clearly from some distance.

Baby GiraffeGiraffe couple

Back at Nkwali the leopards have really been showing off, strutting their stuff at afternoon tea on the opposite river bank to camp. Showing off their hunting skills to the guests and then enjoying their rewards. Kiki has been busy guiding this last week and came back after his morning drive completely dumb founded by three separate leopard sightings and then a sighting of three lions on his way up to the river crossing. And that doesn’t include everything else that was seen in-between. In fact during the in-between he saw probably the biggest croc that he has seen in years which is always a great if not slightly chilling sighting and a definite reminder that the monsters are still lurking!

LeopardLioness & Cub

The river has also dropped significantly, which is both good and bad, but it does mean that we now have more and more frequent sightings of the elephants crossing which is always a great sight. We are very fortunate in that we have a few great spots where we regularly see this happen – down by the pontoon where the guests had the luck of seeing over 30 making their way across the river and of course just in front of Nsefu, which is an almost daily event.

Eles & HipposCroc

On that note I think that I am going to leave you all to it and hope that everyone has a fabulous week – stay happy and have fun and look forward to chatting again next Monday.




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