It’s Monday 29th Jan 2007 and Nkwali Becomes an Island

It’s Monday 29th Jan 2007 and Nkwali Becomes an Island

checking the waterlandrover crossing

So, after the week of high waters, we did as expected, get cut off for a day. But of course this depends on what you are driving. Naturally all the “boys” had to rush down to the bridge while Amanda and I said we had too much to do (busy girls and important work!!) Well that lasted about ten minutes and we followed with the excuse that we had to report for It’s Monday. It is always exciting and fascinating to watch the water. The Landcruisers with their low air intakes could not get through a dip the water had eroded but of course Beej’s Landover with a “snorkel” managed. You can imagine the comments. The guests were coming back from a drive and had to be poled back to the camp side. An unexpected moment for them.

home by boatTena Tena bar in water

The next day was Friday and Robin and I hadplans to go to Tena Tena in the morning, so with all back to normal in the camp, we set off. Keith and Sue were transferring to the newly open Muchenja, a bush camp that has opened for the rains this year (see River and Rainbows). They had seen everything with us – all the plains game, ellys, and great lion, leopard, wild dog sightings. (Keith has promised to send the pics through when they get home.) They joined us, as did Kerry, the manager of Tena. The mission? To design a new bar! We need to change it and so have the opportunity to do something interesting. It will be!

boating upriverJo sitting down

It was drizzling on the way up and we arrived at a wet and soggy camp. We have seen the camp at this time of year often but for those who have only experienced the “open” version it comes as a shock. Keith and Sue who had stayed there in 2003, were flabbergasted. We did assure them it always looked like this in the rains and we were able to get it back to usual standards. Not sure they will see Tena in the same light again! These bush camps are broken down to roofs only in the rains, not a pretty sight. The kitchen, store and office area were under water. The lagoon behind was right on the edge of the rooms.

Robin and Kerry birdwatchingboating downstream

This is “tent one” !! Kerry and Robin were bird watching – I was saying “lets get to work” and so a picnic lunch and then to work. We spent two hours brainstorming and came up with a great design. It is now a question of execution.It had turned into a lovely afternoon… And off we went. Keyala at the helm, Robin and Boston chatting up front, Kerry and myself – spotting in the middle.

elephants on the bankbig bull elephant

We saw a herd of elephant just south of Tena and soon after a huge bull who was with a female. Of course in a boat you are safe to get quite close. He really was impressive.

one birdReturn to Nkwali

We tried to get close to some of the some birds on the way back but of course they are not so easy. On return to camp we had to rush straight into the weekly management meeting. This is held in our lovely home, with the big doors open, ellys walked past, birds singing. What a great place for meetings. And it is every Friday. However, it seems that my Fridays are becoming the day that I get out and about. First the helicopter flight and now a lovely boating day. Conflict brewing? Next Friday…..?

That’s it from the lovely Luangwa.

Have a wonderful week.


Management meeting

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