It’s Monday 29th May 2006 and Jacob in a Tree

As you all know we have been banging on somewhat about how wonderful the green season is in the South Luangwa. Well it really is, so forgive us please! Mike sent us some wonderful shots of his visit in March this year. So to prove the point that we do have amazing gameviewing throughout the season I have used a couple of them below – hyenas stalking impalas and lions with an impala kill. Yes you see any cynics out there can see for themselves that we are right! Bit hard on the impalas….

hyenas stalking impalaslions with an impala kill

on a walk Jacob has moved down from Nsefu, where he was guiding last year, to take charge of Luangwa Safari House.

A couple of weeks ago he had Marcia, her daughter Joanna and Tee at the house and they have sent some great shots to us featuring their guide and the team – first one on a walk but I am not quite sure what Jacob was demonstrating in the second one! Maybe that he is not as large as he looks….

Gameviewing this week has been superb – especially for cats with leopard being seen most days, especially in the afternoons either just before or after sundowners. Zebron had an amazing viewing of leopard and lion interaction one day too. Four lions were stalking puku when they noticed a leopard and her cub nearby. Fearing interference they chased them off and both leopards eventually took refuge up a tree. lions hung out under the tree


They were trapped for while as the lions hung out under the tree, eventually moving off so the leopards could come back down.

The elephants have started crossing the Luangwa regularly now which is a sign that the dry season is really starting to kick in as they are moving over larger distances. Yona and his guests saw a family group crossing near the pontoon, including a little baby ele who had to keep hold of its Mothers tails to aid him across and the river still has some deep channels.

Rob and Emily took an afternoon off to go into the park yesterday and had a great tootle around the area. Em took a series of head shots – including this waterbuck which although quite common in the park are not often featured in our photos.


great white egret Our final shot from Em is of a great white egret – rather unusually using a hippo as its launch pad. Hope it helps to cheer up your Monday and launch you into the week with as much grace and serenity as this beautiful bird.

Stay well and have a great week.


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