It’s Monday 2nd August 2010 and it’s a baby girl

After their first stop at Nkwali, Amy and Derek Emm went up to Nsefu , the oldest camp in Zambia (built in 1951) run by the gentle and humorous Daudi . Irene as usual worked hard to ensure everything went well and Braston guided them with his knowledgeable and very personable attitude – and it seems he did a good job at gauging their interests. Amy will tell her story from one of their game drives:

on the killon the kill

“We all know lions work together on taking down animals and have watched prides greedily eat the poor victim, but between grabbing an animal and devouring it – the thrill and the fill – is the not so gentle art of ensuring the animal is dead. And that involves very effective and macabre team work.

on the killpuku looks on

On the morning we’ve found 6 lionesses killing large buffalo. Braston saw a lioness running the distance and by the time we got there, they had the bull down lying on his back, but he was still very much alive. So the girls set to work: wile three began breaking the hide to sever veins, the belly and tail of the bull, one lioness held him by the neck while another covered the bull’s nostrils and a third was in charge of closing his mouth. The bull kicked and tried shaking his head and weakly bellowing for about 10 minutes, but the lionesses were patient and exacting until the bull finally gave up. We eventually left the lioness to their kill in awe at this great pride of huntresses.”

Thanks Amy, great sighting!! I’m happy that you had such a lovely time at Nsefu.

Simon Cousins and friendsSimon, Will and Jacob looking at the giraffe carcass

A few days ago Simon Cousins came with his friends from Malawi for a long weekend. Simon is part of the RPS family, he guided here for eleven years and was also our operations manager. Great to see him around!

On Sunday I joined them in a morning walk – great adventure, great team. Jacob guiding on the front, the scout, Bernie, Will, Rene, me and Simon at the back. The moment we started walking after the tea break by the river bank, we heard the impalas calling. Our eyes and ears focused on the calling direction …we knew a leopard was around…and started walking faster in a single file, on the direction of the call, hopping to see it in the distance – it was very exiting… but soon the impalas went quiet and everything went back to normal. We keep walking… found great birding, hippos, pukus and a giraffe carcass recently dead.

Bernie and Will looking found out the Bush Breakfast surprise

TiggerWill and Bernie having Bush Breakfast

After two and a half hours walking, suddenly in the middle of nowhere we saw some people behind the trees and Simon alerted his friends that they might be hunters and began to swearing!! Everyone believes him, but not for long … suddenly we recognise Tigger and the Nkwali team who were hiding to surprise us with an outstanding bush breakfast!

Bernie, Rene, Will, Simon and Jacob Tinovonga

After this delicious break we jumped in to the car and drove back towards camp. Surprisingly we heard impalas calling again, Jacob peeked in to the bush, by a beautiful lagoon and there it was, a beautiful leopard in broad daylight!!

A week from now we shall be in our new office in Lilongwe, the reservation team and I are dedicated in making sure that it will be a smooth transition.

And finally – great news from Johannesburg, Geno, have had a baby girl, Tinovonga. Born Friday 23 July. We are delighted for her!

Have a lovely week……

Leopard on the left

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