It’s Monday 2nd October 2006 and the Night in Paradise

It’s Monday 2nd October 2006 and the Night in Paradise

Well this week has been a really easy It’s Monday to write.

Our last walking mobile safari ended on Saturday morning and Robin and Jo invited a few friends up to spend Saturday night at Camp 4 before the whole operation was pulled out for another season.

In the camp We set off after a leisurely breakfast, entering the park at about 0830. Within 10 mins of driving through the main gate we had spotted giraffe, elephant, kudu, buffalo and even a lioness stalking a buffalo calf – wow.  We beetled up the 05 and then cut off to take a trip to see Zebra Pans. Driving thorough thick Mopani we suddenly found ourselves at an oasis. A green pan (well greenish for the time of year anyway) full of zebra, hartebeest and reed buck. Could things get any better.

Well yes – we arrived at camp and were welcomed by Hannah with cold flannels and drinks – just like real guests!

After a dip in the Mupamadzi River we sat down to a lovely lunch and then a planned siesta. However, during lunch Robin told us of the amazing sighting he and his guests had on the last mobile while Hannah circulated her camera with the incredible, and frankly quite disgusting, shots of the event.

standing by the pythonpython

On a walk, Robin and guest had come across a dead python, it has been split open and a few eggs were visible. Robin therefore split it open further and discovered no less than 67 eggs packed along the 4 metre length of the body. Each egg was about the size of a goose egg. A truly amazing sight – but not for anyone with a weak stomach.

all the eggsa single egg

Before our siesta there was much talk of going on a walk before sundowners – but we were all enjoying the camp so much that we decided to wade across the river and start sundowners early instead.  Champagne sitting on the sand, looking back at the most beautiful camp – perfection.


This was only topped by the sunrise. I woke just as the sun was coming over the trees. I lay in bed watching the purple haze right in front of me. The sun turning from purple to crimson to orange. Tent 1, Camp 4, 5.46am, 1st October 2006 – a time and place that will never be forgotten.

the Mupamadzi After breakfast overlooking the river which looked as though it had millions of diamonds sparking at us, we set off back to Mfuwe. However, enroute Piela, our long time mobiles scout, spotted some roan antelope just as we were about to leave the Lundu Plain. This was a first for me, such a beautifully marked animal and really a treat for us to witness. They are often seen up in this area but not around Nkwali where I live – likewise with the hartebeest and reed buck so all in all the most fantastic gameviewing.

White impala Robin tells me that he saw his first newly born impala baby on the way down yesterday. These little ones are usually born just before the beginning of the rains – so either it’s mother is a little premature or we are in for an early shower – watch this space! Talking of impala, the white impala that is resident in the mobile area looks like she is pregnant so it will be interesting to see if she drops a white calf – probably not but you never know. Here is a photo of her taken by Bob Gunderson, who was on a recent mobile with Jason.

Well, that is me all set for the week to come. Hope you had an equally uplifting weekend whatever you were doing.

Stay well and have a great week.


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