It’s Monday 30th August 2010 and the notebook stories

Today it’s Saturday, and Sakhile, Munyama and I will hit the road tomorrow morning straight to Tena Tena where we will be celebrating Rocky’s wedding. The wedding will take place between Tena Tena and Nsefu, where the couple met each other. It will be wonderful to see the RPS family together again!

This week I have a very special story written by a very young guest I met last month who stayed with us for a week, together with her parents. Nessa Pratt is 14 years old and she was always carrying her notebooks and taking notes of the trip highlights. Directly from Melbourne, Australia, she will share her diary with us:

Nessa and giraffe   Nessa and Kanga

“After breakfast here at Nkwali camp (June 25, 2010) over looking the hippos, we headed out with our guide Kanga on a game drive. It was so much fun seeing so many giraffes and zebras everywhere as well as impala and puku. Just as we were about to stop for morning tea a leopard walked straight across the road in front of us. So morning tea was delayed while we followed the leopard until we lost sight of it.

Hippos on land   hippos in water

At siesta time when everyone was sleeping it was a lot of fun to sit out on the deck having drinks from the bar, and looking out over the hippos, crocodiles and many birds. After the rest everyone would gather to meet for their third cake of the day before heading out on the afternoon game drive.

Baby elephant   elephant family

The game drive that we had that night was one of the best game drives we had on our trip in Zambia. We were just cruising along looking around when a herd of eighteen elephants walked straight passed us. We would have only been about ten meters from them. It was really amazing and the little babies were really cute and there was even an elephant with no tail.

zebra   warthog

Later on we saw our first buffalo and out of the big five (apart from rhino which is extinct) we only had the lion left to see. And about five minutes later we saw not one but two lions. It was really exciting but very sad at the same time. There was a male lion that was guarding and looking after a lioness who Kanga told us had been attacked by a buffalo and had broken her back. At first when she was lying down you couldn’t tell that anything was wrong with her. Later on, after we had had sundowners overlooking the sunset and some zebras, we went back to where we saw the lions to find out if they were still there. When we got there the male lion had sadly gone hunting and left the lioness by herself. When she saw us she tried to get up and walk, that was when we realised she had been injured very badly, because she walked with her front legs and the lower half of her body dragged behind her. Seeing an animal suffering like that was one of the saddest things that all three of us had seen.

So we left her in peace and slowly headed back to base camp where the dinner table had been set up beautifully for us with serviettes folded like birds. We had a really nice meal followed by our fifth dessert of the day and then shortly after we all went to bed because we were all so exhausted.

So today would have been one of the most exciting days of our life but also very sad at the same time.”

Have a wonderful week

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