It’s Monday 30th October 2006 and a teary Good-bye from Tena

It’s Monday 30th October 2006 and a teary Good-bye from Tena

Relaxing in the river So this is probably the last It’s Monday from the Tena Tena team this year as in three days time Tena will be closed for the season. October is usually a very interesting month and this year has been no exception.

Rocky has been on a roll this year as we have competitions every year to see who can find the first wartlet (baby warthog) and who can predict the first rains. Rocky won both of these; well, we cheated him out of wining the rain competition as the prize was too much to bear and the rain came a day later than he predicted.

The winner had to be served by the rest of us for a whole day – so when talk started between Rocky, Chris and Bert of tea in bed and dressing them, the rules were changed.

Buffalo chasing lion The first shower of rain arrived on the 3rd October and we were drenched. Guests and staff were in good spirits though and we did enjoy the break from the heat. Tena staff also managed to find other methods of cooling off this October by playing Frisbee in the river. It served a dual purpose of also burning off some of the cake we are forced to eat everyday at tea time – yeah right.

The Tena lions have showed us this month how not to catch buffalo as we found them one morning hunting buffalo as they came down to Lunga to drink – however in their half-hearted attempt, the buffalo turned the tables and chased them instead. The sub-adults thought it looked like great fun and practised on each other.

lion cubs playingcubs

On a Sunrise Salt Pan trip last week I found lions finishing off this aardvark that must have been late home. Obviously, I thought about digging a hole and sticking the head out of the hole for a picture to fool the other guides back in camp but I didn’t think the lions would approve of me messing with their breakfast. So those of you who will visit us next year please don’t ask to see Aardvark as ours is no longer. On the way home from the Salt pan we passed through the Nsefu Wafwa area and found the new additions to the Nsefu pride – 3 new cubs around 3-4 weeks old.

Aardvark headlion cib in tree

Other excitements were this python eating a red-necked francolin – the whole process lasted about 20 minutes as it struggled to get the francolin into its mouth. The migratory birds are arriving – already we have seen Red-chested cuckoo, Black cuckoo, Pygmy Kingfisher, Grey-headed Kingfisher, White Storks, Ruffs, Abdim’s Stork; and I am sure will be adding more to this list before the camp closes.

python eating a red-necked francolinwarthog and piglet

So though it is going to be a sad good-bye – we have had fun this season and most of us will be back next year.

So until then from Jo, Rocky, Bert, Chris Cooke, Holty, myself (Kerri) and the rest of the Tena team – GOOD-BYEEEEEEE

P.S. As there seemed to be a baby theme going on, I put in a photo of the cutest baby giraffe. And of the elephant who’s snare we took off which was mentioned in last weeks’ It’s Monday.
baby giraffeelephant with snare

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