It’s Monday 31st October 2005 and the Nsefu News

This week’s newsletter comes from Kerri at Nsefu. She has taken some wonderful shots to go along with her story.

leopard sticking her head round the tree While on the morning drive returning from an amazing trip to the Salt Pan where we saw a herd of around 800 buffalo, 23 giraffe drinking and crossing the river, a male lion (injured)) and we saw puku in the distance all looking in one direction.  We stopped to listen and herd some impala alarm calling.  We shot around to another road and from behind a huge mahogany tree the ‘Hazel eyed’ female leopard stuck her head around to check that we were not getting too close to her puku kill in the tree.

finishing off the kill That night we return to watch her finish off the kill and climb back down the tree.

It’s a hard life The day after the kill this is how she chose to spend the time.  It’s a hard life…..

gymnogene (African Harrier Hawk)This gymnogene (African Harrier Hawk) caught a squirrel and was so excited with it’s catch that it’s face kept changing from pink to yellow.

young elephant With the fig trees laden with fruit a young elephant could only eat so much so instead decided to play a game of hide and seek with a leaf.

saddle billed stork Also while at the salt pan we were watching a saddle billed stork fishing in the stream.  It was extremely successful and we were lucky enough to watch it eating this frog and a few fish too.

Salt pan lions The Salt pan lions have been very successful lately at killing buffalo this is the second buffalo kill in a week and this time the 5 female (and 1 young male) managed to kill two at one go.  Much to the cubs excitement as they didn’t know which one to eat first.

Well that may be the last report from the Nsefu sector as the last guests depart from Tena Tena tomorrow morning and from Nsefu on Friday.  As every year the camps will return to the animals, the lions will reclaim the Nsefu bar and next year they will all be surprised to see us again!

Stay well and have a great week

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