It’s Monday 3rd April 2006 and the Boyfriend Girlfriend Thing

I am handing over to a guest this week – Amber. She did in fact stay a month ago with her kids in Robin’s House – but never mind ! Better late than never. And due to lack of pics I thought you could see Robin’s House in all it’s splendour – an excellent place for families to stay (plug plug!). So have a great week from me – Jo.

Our weekend at Robins House

Amber: “Give me one word that describes your week-end”?

Andy,” Amazing”
Erin, “Awesome”
Stewart, “So fun words cannot describe it”!

Looking for dogsIn the car Andy describes seeing the ten wild dogs on our first night drive in the park:

“First we started to see impala running, so Jacob our guide thought it might be wild dog. We drove a little more and we saw one wild dog with a baby impala it had just killed. It started calling the other dogs to come and share the meal. When we heard them call we didn’t know the sound. It sounded like a high-pitched squeal. After a couple of seconds all these other dogs started pouring in. Then they all clung onto the carcass and pulled off their own share. They didn’t have a knife and fork to cut and share it so they had to pull it apart! Everyone got a piece and it all happened so fast, they had eaten their share within minutes. We could hear bones being crunched. When the dogs came they begged for the food and they regurgitate to each other. They can talk to each other”

Amber “What did the dogs look like”?

Stewart: “They have huge round ears with patchy coats and they are very beautiful.”

Wild dogsLion

On the second day we saw lion, and Stewart and Erin describe their experience:

Stewart: “We started off by crossing the Luangwa on the boat into the park. Then when we got into the car and Jacob said a female lion had crossed the road five minutes before we arrived. So we went to the nearby lagoon and we saw the lioness sitting near a herd of impala and puku. The female lion was thinking of how to attack them. After about fifteen minutes the lion got up, put her tail down and started stalking. Then when she got closer, the impala and puku looked up and whistled and snorted a warning call. All of the animals ran back a little, and then the lion knew she failed and she put her tail up. Jacob says that means she’s not interested in hunting anymore. She walked slowly over to some bushes to mark her territory and the puku started jumping on all four legs and whistling, approaching the lioness. The puku were brave, they went right up to the lioness to watch her. The impala stayed back, they were chickens!

Erin: “She started calling and it was a big big noise. It looks like they are about to vomit when they roar! Then two males joined her.”

Stewart: “The female and one of the males were together in a “boyfriend, girlfriend” thing.”

Nkwali swimming poolExploring

Andy: “Robins House is big and has everything you need”

Stewart: “We had the best food ever at a lodge”

Amber: “Would you like to come back”?

All the kids, (very quickly) said, “Yes, yes, with more friends!”

With contributions by Stewart Cartwright (age 10), Erin Cartwright (age 8) and Andy McVey (age 11) and a mum called Amber (no age)! We all live in Lusaka, Zambia’s capital city and spent two nights at Robins House, 3 – 5 March 2006. Thanks to all the fantastic staff, especially our guides Jacob and Daudi, and our house waiter, Ali.

Inside Robins HouseInside Robins House

Outside Robins HouseOutside Robins House

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