It’s Monday 3rd January 2005 the Office Queen goes bush

It’s Monday 3rd January 2005 the Office Queen goes bush

It has been another wonderful week here in the Luangwa. The rain abated and the sun is out. Simply glorious. The birding has been exceptional as it should be now. The male weavers have started to weave their nests – the female will then inspect them until she finds one she likes. The migratory Abdim storks are still around – they follow the rain belt south and will move back north in February. The dwarf bittern is now seen far more regularly as they become more active in the rains.

Male Masked WeaverDwarf Bittern

Yesterday afternoon Obi and I jumped into the boat and set off to meet guests in the park for sundowners. I was anxious to get into the park as it is looking absolutely beautiful– green, lush and lovely. We arrived at the RPS makeshift harbor and I jumped into the vehicle having joked with Obi that as we were early we would have time to stop and look at all of the lions. Two minutes down the road and we spotted a well known one eyed female lying under a bush! The consensus is that she is part of a pride which has been seen on the opposite side of the river and that she was separated when the river ro se and now can not get across to join her friends. She was looking longingly at a small herd of zebra – maybe wishing that she had two eyes and some help!

My luck continued and after sundowners at Lupunga Spur where we were surrounded by wildlife – elephant, zebra, puku, impala, kudu, crowned crane, Abdims stork to mention a few. The herds of impala are impressive with all the youngsters around.

Abdims Stork

Then we headed back to camp. On the way we saw a civet ambling across the road closely followed by a bushy tailed mongoose. Out of the park and along the road to Nkwali – about two km from camp we came across a family of elephants standing in the road. Just behind the front female we spotted a youngster suckling it’s mother, the first time I have seen this and a treat to see. They walked off and we headed home so that we would be back before the guests, only to round a corner and there was a huge male leopard walking across the road. We stopped and he walked right past us and off into the bush.

Wow – Obi decided that I was a good luck charm and should accompany him on all of his game drives. But we were not yet finished – around the next corner we almost bumped into a porcupine who was jay walking in the centre of the track. He ran ahead of us for a few minutes before diving into the bush – surely that must be it as we were now literally two minutes from camp. But no, on the road Obi spotted something and it turned out to be a young crocodile, just lying there on the dry earth. He popped his head up and then scurried off to the side and disappeared. What a treat the whole trip was, we were just disappointed that we did not have guests with us but thankfully the vehicle just behind us spotted the leopard and porcupine too.

Needless to say, dinner was a little late but no-one seemed to mind…

Stay well and have a great week

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