It’s Monday 3rd October 2005 and the Wild Dog Surprise

As if to welcome the fact that the researchers for African Wild Dog Conservation are shortly arriving at Nkwali, where they will be based for the next few years, 24 wild dog appeared last week!

Kellie Leigh and Emma Stone arrive in the next few weeks to set up their base camp just behind Nkwali. The guys are busy building their accommodation and we are all very excited at the prospect of having these enthusiastic ladies with us.  Wild dogs are not usually seen this early but being such a dry year and the fact that, as we now know, they have a lot of pups, they have had to move down from the back country and hills early in search of food.


A pack of 24 were spotted by Obi and luckily we had Bean (our Robin’s House caterer) and her parents on board with their digital camera.  They had recently killed and were lying around in the dry bed of the Mushilashi River. The pictures show some of the puppies and also the lovely markings of these dogs.

altI have also included a photo taken by Simon last year in early march of the dogs hunting – I think this was taken on Lupunga  Spur.

This bodes well for our Wild Dog Week, which will take place in February. Kellie and Emma are going to be on hand to take out drives and give lectures to any one who would like to join us.

If the wild dogs are not enough of a draw then just see the contrast below. One photo was taken in February last year and the other yesterday.  Both are of the Luangwa River in front of Nkwali. Just imagine the wonderful gameviewing from our new flat “Ali” boat next year…..altalt

Meanwhile the Luangwa House is coming along – finally the poles have arrived. After a false start when the wrong ones were delivered, we now have the right one except that they have not been treated to stop the termites eating them and so we have set up a “dip” into which the poles are lowered and soaked for 24 hrs. After dying they can then be used.  Rather time consuming but at least as you can see the beams are now going up. As you can see we have developed an interested lift for getting the men up and down to the beams which are at the top some 14 metres above the ground!!


The pool is finished and was filled on Saturday and the deck out to the trees in front of the house is almost finished.  So, we are definitely on track, well probably on track, well hopefully we will be finished in time – uummmm everything is crossed actually but in true Robin Pope Safaris’ style we take it to the wire but never beyond!

Stay well and have a great week

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