It’s Monday 4th February 2008 and Simon goes surfing

It’s Monday 4th February 2008 and Simon goes surfing

This week has certainly been a most interesting one to observe. The river has been doing some amazing yo-yoing, with the water levels fluctuating up and down. We are all keeping a watchful eye on the behaviour of the river. The huge body of water in full flow past camp is a pretty awesome sight and it’s not uncommon to see trees float gracefully by. There is great excitement as we can now boat under the heronry (Emily jumped at the chance to test her new lens out).

Full riverHeronry

Still, any worries of the river misbehaving were put to the back of our minds with some jovial play and antics on the river. Simon, now known as Captain Pugwash, was sent out on a nautical mission to rescue an abandoned water container. Last season’s flood had redistributed it and now with our present full river status we could save it. Simon was happily pulling the container behind the boat until he realised its potential for fun and games… so he got on top of the container and did a bit of unusual water skiing, luckily avoiding the numerous hippos and crocs in close proximity…

Row, row, row your boat

Simon assured me all was in hand, as he is an experienced surfer and is keen to be our very own Croc Dundee … “bring it on” … is one of his favourite quotes. Who knows – we might cut the container up into nice blue pieces to create a few wave boards and offer an “alternative water safari” for those adrenaline addicts.


We weren’t going to let Simon have all the fun, so Rob and Emily organised a staff bush breakfast especially to enjoy the early morning light (nothing quite like the sunrise at this time of year). An early start was called for and everyone got together for a quick boat crossing in the pre-dawn light, and reached the other side just in time to watch a glorious sunrise. The bacon and eggs cooked on our rather posh gas cooker were enjoyed by all.

Bush breakfastGlorious sunrise

It is also birthday season at RPS, Fiona started us off in grand style last week as we surprised her with sundowners and a delicious dinner at Luangwa House. Simon, Terri and Geno all have birthdays over the next few weeks, so we are psyching ourselves up for lots more fun.

Marko enjoying
the sunsetSunset at Luangwa House

Update on Jo: She has recovered well from her exploratory operation and is gearing herself up for the first replacement surgery in March. The operations have been delayed so she will be coming back to Zambia a little later than she first thought.


Simon playing on the river

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