It’s Monday 4th July 2005 and the Happy Pig

I can not believe how quickly each Monday comes around. It is July already and winter has finally arrived. Hot water bottles have been sent to the camps to keep everyone cosy at night. The river is lower than normal and dust is now flying. The pelicans are here and can be found fishing in the drying out lagoons.

PelicansLuangwa Safari House

I have just been to the Luangwa Safari House (not river house as I said last week!) and have to be honest, I could not see too much change. However, our new General Manager, Rob Clifford, tells me that the ring beams, which are in place, are a major advance. He has been wielding a chain saw around at head height to cut grooves into the leadwood uprights to put the beams in place. All this whilst balancing on our rather snazzy scaffolding. The ring beam is the support for the ceiling/second storey – or something like that, so very important!! We have also taken delivery of the first steps from Chikowa Mission. These are mighty pieces of wood and will rise up on either side of the front door. The ladies have arrived and are busy bundling grass ready for thatching. With the increase in staff we are now doing the home runs in our lorry rather than a cruiser so it certainly is a hive of activity out at the site.

the first stepsgrass for thatching

Kerri at Nsefu has been the photographer this week and sent some great shots. These include a very arty picture of 2 giraffe and a sweet photo of a baby hippo which had just been born. You can still see the afterbirth on the mother.

GiraffeHippo with baby

Lions have been back in force with a buffalo kill at Nsefu and five lionesses were spotted not far from Tena Tena. Leopard sightings have also been good this week. Tena Tena had a wonderful view of a leopard crossing just in front of them at sundowners on North Coast Buka. They had heard the baboons going crazy and then out came the leopard into the open just after the sun had disappeared over the horizon. Nsefu had the most amazing sight of two leopards in a tree sharing a kill. This was the one eyed leopard and her grown up cub – really incredible to see something like this. The first sighting was during the day and then on the night drive they were still there but the younger leopard had lost interest in the kill and so the older one brought it down the tree and they continued to feed on the ground in front of the vehicles – a real treat.

Tree lionsWarthog - happy as a pig in ****

And finally… following on from our happy elephant having a mud bath this warthog brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “happy as a pig in ****”

Stay well and have a great week


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