It’s Monday 4th June 2007 and Team Tena Kicks Off

It’s Monday 4th June 2007 and Team Tena Kicks Off

Team meeting (al fresco) Well the season really has started and we had our start of season management team meeting. Always great to get everyone together for discussions! We had to wait for Robin to return from his first Palmgrove Bush Camping safari – I was anxious for him of course. But all went fantastically well. He said “a wild area, not much game but an incredible sense of wilderness”. For this week I am handing over to Kerri from Tena Tena. Have a great week – Jo

And over to Kerri…..

During the off season transfer market the team purchased a new striker (guide) Masumba from Nsefu and a new goalie (caterer) Kat. They worked very hard in training sessions and scored a leopard (sometimes two) a night. Original team members are back with their usual blend of skills and entertainment: Kerri, Rocky and Bert. We are going to miss Jo, Chris and Holty.

New barLeopard at night

This year we have rung the changes at Tena Tena. We have a new bar and dining room. Look out for photos on the website soon. We have also added a few new roads to Tena’s driving network – so much less confusion now on the new new road and new new new road. The game viewing has been amazing so far; on the first night out we found a female leopard on a impala kill with a 2-3 month old cub (Rocky and I are still arguing as to whether it is a new leopard in the area or Grumpy from Second Ebony). Photo’s courtesy of Rogier and Ingeborg, our first lot of guests staying at Tena Tena. We have also spotted all our known leopards from last year Two-Two, Zero-Zero, ZZ2 (male cub), TT2 (female cub) and Southern Female. TT2 was found eating two baby porcupines which it must have stolen from the den and once it had finished eating these it went after an adult too (toothpicks come with meal!).

Lions and cubs at the salt panYoung elephants

We have made several trips to the salt pan already this year especially after Bert found ten small lion cubs. Also on trips to the Salt Pan we have seen Eland and Wildebeest, lots of giraffe and elephants.

Kataba (one-eyed leopard)

The Stork Colony is bigger this year than ever and we usually stop by on our return to Tena to watch the Martial Eagles having a go at the young storks or even just the adult storks returning with food for the chicks. This is where we managed to find Kataba (one-eyed leopard) hunting at mid afternoon. As always she allowed us to sit within 20 meters of her while she ‘eyed up’ the menu.

Rutting ImpalaRutting Impala

Though the rutting season is coming to an end some male impala just don’t know when to quit – witness these two inflicting serious damage to each other (I hope the girl is worth it). Talking of birds…… we were excited to see Palm Nut Vulture and Spotted Dikkop while out on drives.

So that is it from the Tena Team until next time – See you in the bushes!!



Young lions on buffaloYoung lions on buffalo

P.S. Early one morning at the end of last season while taking down the camp Jo and I heard a racket from behind the camp. We jump in a vehicle and found that our Tena Tena pride had caught a buffalo and then handed it over to their medium cubs to finish off the job of killing it. It didn’t look like fun for the buffalo but all part of the learning process for the youngsters.


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