It’s Monday 5th December 2005 and David is chuffed !

Well you have me again – Kim returns from her leave on Thursday, just as Robin and I fly to the UK for a week. Seems soon to be going back but we have been invited to a very special dinner and so off we go! It will be good to see the nephews again and I have special permission to attend Zuzu’s first nativity play (no visitors, only parents). Apparently he is going to be an angel in the back as he emphatically did not want a lead part, despite being asked repeatedly by the teacher. No future Brad Pitt there. But background angel does it for me and I am an excited aunt in anticipation.

Kawaza School

I promised you news of the school project and as I have been in Lusaka all week (yet more airline work!). I asked Rocky to go to the school to take some pictures. With the airline in my lap, the building of the Luangwa and Chongwe houses and of course the school building project – it has been a very busy year. And I have not managed to get up to the school as often as I would like. However, I have good people in place to keep things going.

Kawaza Classroomd

Kawaza School is very nearly finished. We only have to paint the last classroom block now. It turned out that the bricks were quite rotten and so we virtually had to rebuild the walls. Hence the delay. But the classrooms will be open and ready for the new school year in January. We will then have ten classrooms (it was six), all large, rain and bat proof, with good desks and enough space for the children not to be crowded. This year we started a grade 8 class, which is the beginning of moving towards developing a secondary school. Note the uniforms! Very smart We also built two new houses for the head and the deputy. See David and his family looking very chuffed!

David and familySchool children

Nsefu School – well again things have not gone quite a fast as I had hoped but without my regular visits things do seem to slow down. However, we have started painting the first renovated classroom block which we reroofed, replastered and had new windows installed. The two teachers houses are up to wall level. And the desks, I am assured, arrive tomorrow. I had hoped to be further down the line at Nsefu but we did run out of funds for a few months and so I had to stop work. I certainly plan to have it complete by June next year.

Nsefu schoolNsefu school

The standard of Kawaza School is higher than most town schools now. And with all the donated educational materials that guests have brought out with them this year we are able to give the children a great start in life. It is really remarkable how the 90 children at the pre-school we have opened do so well when they start grade 1. It really makes such a difference. And we are hoping to expand the preschool project to give more kids an early chance.

Nsefu school

So…..all this is a huge achievement and without the donations none of it would be possible. So thank you thank you to all of you have donated so generously over the years. We continue to raise the money for the projects and the funds are split as follows:

50 children in secondary boarding schools, and colleges / university – USD 20,000 annually (they have to be the top students as well as vunerables and I personally see every school report).
16 teachers salaries – USD 13,800 annually. This doubles the number of teachers at each of the schools.
Total USD 33,800.

The balance of the donations is spent on the building programs, the speed of which depend of the funds. But we aim to raise around USD 50,000 a year presently to get the two schools up to the level we are aiming for. Then there will be the development of community schools, pre school and a secondary school. All very exciting!

If you would like to donate to the project…..there are three ways to do this – details are at the end of the newsletter.

So that is it from me this week. The Luangwa House opens in 7 days !! Gulp The painters and carpenters are working through the evenings now. But it is always like this and we always get there in the end. I no longer worry about it – probably should – then it is easy for me this time as I am off ! So good luck to Shanie, Monty, Simon and Rob – they have a busy week ahead.

All the best


Retraction from Robin.

We recently announced that a new species of kingfisher (Mangrove) had been identified in the South Luangwa and that this sighting had been confirmed. I wish to apologise to Debs and the bird fundis as it appears we have jumped the gun. The identification and confirmation of this particular bird sighting is still being discussed and debated and it’s true identity shall probably only be confirmed beyond all doubt with a DNA sample. Again apologies to all concerned. Robin


IN UK – bank a cheque into the following account.
Account: Kawaza School Fund
Bank: HSBC, Kensington High Street, London
Sort code: 40 04 01
Account number: 41855336

Send a cheque payable to Kawaza School Fund
Jo Pope, PO Box 80, Mfuwe, Zambia

Note it cost approximately USD 25 to bank a cheque.

Transfer to the following accounts
Zambia National Commercial Bank
Mfuwe Branch, Eastern Province
Branch code 006, Swift code ZNCOZMLU
Account name: Kawaza School Fund
USD account: 0060370000000379
GBP account: 006030000000138

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