It’s Monday 5th November 2007 and the Emerald Season has begun

It’s Monday 5th November 2007 and the Emerald Season has begun

Sunset at Tena It has been all go at the RPS camps this past week – camps closing; moving into the new and improved office building; and the storms of last week have given rise to burst of growth in the most vibrant of greens. It’s amazing what just a few thunder showers have started. All the grass has started growing at an phenomenal speed, and the mopane’s flush adds to the tapestry in which you are constantly awestruck with the different shades of green.

Both Tena Tena and Nsefu have closed and been packed away for our Emerald Season – although we left the bar up at Tena to allow enough time for the wire-tailed swallow chicks to fledge. The bush camps have had a fantastic season and here are a couple of favourite stories from the girls who make sure that everyone is well fed and watered!

Jenn from Mupamadzi Mobile Camp
n and her team

My experience at Mupamadzi was a wonderful life changing experience, one that is hard to believe is over (for now). One of the largest factors in making this season so incredible was a group of 11 guys I had the honor of calling my team. During our time together we have seen some pretty amazing things along with our guests. One of my favourites is the injured lioness seen just outside of camp one evening. She must have had a run-in with a warthog or a Cape buffalo because her chest was torn open in a huge gash and she was quite emaciated due to her inability to hunt.

Wounded Lioness Having a background in animal rescue I had a hard time seeing this usually majestic beast brought to the feeble state she was in and I insisted that Rocky take me back to camp so I could get a sirloin out of the fridge to bring for her, but he explained that this may not be such a wise idea. Luckily the next morning her pride had killed a massive male eland and she was busy sating her appetite.

Kat from Tena Tena

Baby Bushbuck born just seconds previously As the sun rose over the water tank on Nov 1st we waved off our final guests of the season from Tena Tena. I have had the most amazing time – a combination of the guys at Tena, the guests and the wildlife. From encountering lions on foot while checking out the river crossing at the beginning of the season; seeing a bush buck literally seconds old; elephants trying to be our guests and lions getting in on the act … to the guys fighting over who was going to read Cosmopolitan (an interesting sight, believe me!) and not forgetting falling over in the mud after the first rains.

I could go on and on …Tena has now closed for the season, but the memories will remain – and I’m sure I’ll look forward to adding to the memories next year!

Elephants at TenaNyambe and the chair!

Becky from Nsefu is busy packing up the camp and is joining us at Nkwali for the first part of the emerald season, we’ve had to say bye to Ellie, Jenn and Kat. Terri and I are moving into the offices so will be around to observe the evolution of the bush as the river rises, the influx of migratory birds and the continuing arrival of the babes.

Ele PyramidSome of the caterers from this year

Hope you enjoy the coming week – I’ll be back with more updates from the valley next week!

(all I have to get now is funky signature and we’ll all be set!)

Another new babe

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