It’s Monday 6th August 2007 and Dr Death arrives

It’s Monday 6th August 2007 and Dr Death arrives

August has arrived, can you believe it, and there has been a definite shift of season. The mornings are not so cold, the skies are going hazy with dust and smoke, and Dr Death has arrived. Dr Death is a guest, Paul Deniger, who comes every year – for the month of August. He first came to the Luangwa Valley the year I arrived – 1988, and has visited almost every year since. His nickname comes from the number of kills he tends to see. It just seems to be that way – he is lucky. So we welcome Dr Death again.

This week Kerri has sent down some news from Tena Tena with some great photos.

KerriTwo-Two (female leopard)

“Recently I felt a bit guilty as our caterers don’t often get to escape from camp. This week Kat and I snuck off so that I could show her Two-Two (female leopard) on a kill not far from camp. We found her resting.

Baby BushbuckBaby Bushbuck

On our return from the brief visit we found a bushbuck giving birth next to the road. I was not quick enough with the camera to capture the action but managed to get the cute little critter trying to come to grips with it’s new world while mum moved into the thicket nearby.

Lion CubsAdults lions

Lions at Tena Tena have been fairly good with our cubs all grown up and trying to get used to the idea that mum is no longer going to catch the food for them. Hard to believe that in three short years they grow from these cut cuddly creatures to these powerful hunters. Here are the before and after photos.

We also found two new males for the Tena Tena area but they have not been seen that much. We are hoping that they are not just passing through. They seemed a bit nervous to be intruding on other males territories.

Two males

The fishing parties have been just great this year and it is so much fun to get up close and photograph the birds. It always amazes me how a bird can just stick it’s beak in the water as if waiting for the fish to swim right through. However they do it and it works because they are constantly swallowing fish.

Yellow billed storks in a fishing partyYellow billed storks in a fishing party

Now we don’t like to brag but as always the leopards at Tena Tena have been amazing this year. We have finely come to grips with who’s who with the cubs. Zero Zero has the youngest cub of about 2-3 months and they hang out around camp quite regularly. The other cub which we viewed on our first drive this season belongs to ‘Grumpy’. This is a female who has been elusive to Deb for three years even though she camps in the core of it’s territory (Luangwa Bush Camping). But this year, with a cub to slow her down, Deb has managed to view her on her walks in that area.

That’s it from us at TT.”

And that’s it from me, a short one this week.
Have a great one.


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