It’s Monday 6th June 2005 and the Ross Report

Ross writes from Tena Tena :

We had a lovely evening a few days ago with the Loebels on their first trip to Africa.
We were driving around working our way to North coast Baka where Anna had laid on a surprise for them. But on our way we came across the five to six month old leopard cub playing in the grass. He didn’t hang around for too long, but watching over him was his very chilled out mum hanging out a tree in typical leopard fashion….. Oblivious to time of course we sat and watched her as it got later and later and darker and darker – Anna and the scout were still waiting for us in the bushes. At this point I let the Loebels know about the meeting and that I would try and call up Anna on the radio. The problem was that the car was hidden and she couldn’t hear the radio, so we had our red wine and popcorn watching a leopard on our own as the sun seeped away behind her! Anna survived the ordeal, and even got a glimpse of the leopard!

On another sundowner evening yesterday, we watched a leopard on the beach opposite us running around giving the puku a hard time. After he disappeared a lioness took his place, and proceeded to chase the puku the leopard was harassing. It was a spectacular sight again as the sun was setting lighting up the dust as they ran through the sand – she was later joined by another lioness and our glasses of champagne were quickly filled!


That morning I had taken guests to the salt pan for breaky. The day started with a lone wildebeest, mottled spine tails and scratch marks on a baobab tree (signs of where a hippo had climbed a baobab tree to get the fruit!!!!). There was plenty of game to see, but I think the highlight was two hyenas racing around trying to get away from the biting flies, diving bottom first into the stream….. very amusing! We also saw a reedbuck at the salt pan which is a fairly rare sighting. Back in camp Anna let us put a chameleon on her hair to better see the contrast in colour.

chameleon on Anna's hair

Meanwhile Nsefu have not been out done – Kerri took a great shot of fighting hippos. The Nsefu waterhole and sand banks continue to pull in the game and the fishing parties are out in force – earlier than normal, due to it being a dry year.

fighting hipposfishing parties are out in force

William and Stephanie Ault have just left us after visiting all of our camps whilst on their honeymoon. They had superb cat sightings everywhere they went but the highlight was a leopard kill in daylight whilst staying at Nkwali and William managed to get this shot.

a leopard kill in daylight

Stay well and have a great week


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