It’s Monday 6th March 2006 and the dash

We have a promotion in the green season called “Dash to the Bush”.  It is a week at Nkwali. The expression was redefined this week. We had a couple from the UK out to celebrate a 50th birthday – and here for 3 nights! Now that is a dash.

But it has to be said – not bad game viewing for the dashiest of dashes. The wild dogs have remained in the area and we have seen them nearly every day (sorry Wild Dog Week Group!). Here they are simply walking down the road. Then the first leopard sighting in a while and classically posed in a tree, spotted on a morning drive, with legs dangling on either side of a branch. Sadly no pics of this but I thought I would give you a couple of leopards anyway. Always a treat.

Wild dogsa

But the scorcher of the week was on a night drive. The guide spotted a couple of lionesses, apparently stalking some impala although possibly in a rather odd way. However, always interesting and exciting the group kept quiet, the vehicle positioned discreetly to watch without disturbing the unfolding scene. Then much to everyone’s surprise the lions made a dash but not at the impala. They ran full tilt at some grass and out popped a leopard that had been stalking the impala.With amazing speed the leopard was soon up a tree and out of reach from the lions.The stalker was being stalked.


So that was the three days for the “dashers”.

As you have probably guessed – no one out there with a digital this week so you have library shots.  Hope you enjoy them. Promise to get off the dogs next week !


I am writing this on Sunday morning and I am flying this afternoon – I am dashing to Lusaka for a day and so will not be here on Monday.Since I want a morning off this is short !! Sorry for that.

Take care,


Just a short hop with the hippops – a note from Robin

Robin on the boat During a recent resupply up the river to Tena and Nsefu, in our banana boat, I did a count of all the hippo in the river stretching from the Croc Farm near Luangwa Bridge to Nsefu camp. I endeavoured to count each animal, whether a singleton or a herd. The total count on this trip was 615 hippo.  Between Tena Tena and Nsefu there was 28.5 per km. This is an amazing number of hippo considering it the still the rains and that a large number of the hippo are in the lagoons and tributaries. However, the river remains reasonably low for this time of year.

on the river

Other sightings – during this Ulendo (journey) we found a dead elephant which had been washed into a dead tree in the middle of the river. The river banks were lined with small game and a large number of knob billed duck and gippo’s.(Egyptian geese)

The camps have the distinctly rainy season mothballed look.  Rethatching at Nsefu is proceeding a pace. Back in time for tea on the terrace.


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