It’s Monday 6th September 2010 and love in the bush

From 3 days away in South Luangwa . I had great fun attending Linda and Rocky’s wedding.

Wedding venuemovie maker

Rocky found the ideal site in an open area in the Nsefu sector by the Luangwa River and made this safari wedding unforgettable. The magnificent surroundings helped me to do a few good photos.

Rocky best matesRocky, his son and Keyala

Rocky’s Best Men were the ever popular Keyala Phiri who you will all know as he has been at Nkwali for ever and PPS (Peter).

Linda and her parentsmeeting at the altar

Linda (means beautiful in Portuguese) was stunning in her pearl shinning dress. Just look at Rocky’s surprised face when he saw her arriving with her parents.

wedding momentalliances

Everyone had a memorable experience in this a very emotional ceremony amplified by people’s excitement and the magic of the South Luangwa bush.

Mfuwe guestsLinda friends

In a very exotic mix of countries and cultures, the majority of the guests were from Australia and Zambia, family and friends of Linda and Rocky. Before the wedding the bride and her guests stayed at Tena Tena while the groom and family stayed at Nsefu.

wedding momentalliances

In perfect tranquillity, the oldest camp in Zambia – Nsefu – accommodated the bride & the groom’s very romantic first night and wonderful braai to make this bush wedding a superb experience – thanks to Emily managing all the logistics for 80 people, Irene with the fantastic catering and always paying attention to each individual’s needs, and of course all the staff involved for everything!

wedding moment

After dinner Rocky, Linda and close family told all guests full of excitement the stories about how they met and all the difficulties of managing the distance, cultural differences and how love overcomes all the challenges, which we all heard and applauded around the camp fire – very romantic I must say….

Well, after so much love, it is time to see what has happened in the bush. Jane Addey and Julie Keylock from London shared with us a very brilliant story about a leopard and a porcupine, let’s hear from them:

“On our last night we were on a drive with Sebastian when we came across two leopards, a mother and a young male (probably her cub).

weeding momentalliances

As they crossed the southern end of the stork colony, the young male spotted a porcupine. We assumed he was rather hungry as he started to stalk the porcupine. His mother clearly knew better so decided to sit back and watch.

weeding momentalliances

Over the next ~45 minutes the young leopard tried and tried to flip the porcupine, initially causing a small wound to the front paw. The porcupine looked liked it was tiring and that it would succumb to the continuous attacks by the leopard. The porcupine however kept going, getting itself well positioned every time the leopard tried to get its paws underneath and hissing back each time the leopard moved in. On two occasions the leopard got quills stuck in its paw and had to stop the remove them. As time went on it was the leopard that appeared to be losing interest, his mother still staying in the background and not providing any assistance – she definitely knew better.

We returned the next day and there was no sign of the leopard actually getting the better of the porcupine. A feisty little creature!

Julie and I had never seen anything like this and it was also a first for Sebastian – so we knew it must be rare.”

Have a wonderful week,

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