It’s Monday 7th April 2008 and the kids go on safari

It’s Monday 7th April 2008 and the kids go on safari

The Nelson family visited us last week for their first African Safari. Mark, Sarah and their children, Daniel and Chloe, had a fantastic time with their guide Nyambe and spotter Ephraim. Both Daniel and Chloe wrote about their safari on April Fools Day.

THE AFRICAN SAFARIS – by Daniel and Chloe Nelson

Chloe: This was known as April fools safari. This morning I was woken up by the hippos doing their laughing noises which is quite funny because when ever you say something funny the hippos started laughing. After the hippos stopped I went back to sleep (naughty me) Ahh.  I got quite cross because after about 5 mins I got woken up by the drum that was for breakfast, so I was late. So I quickly got dressed, cleaned my teeth and took my malaria tablets and then went to breakfast.

The Nelson familyHippos waking Chloe up

Daniel: For the game drive Nyambe took us, he was great! On the drive we saw giraffes, elephants, impala, warthog, crocs, and hippos but no lions or wild dogs. We stopped for a drink and a few cakes and headed back for camp. We had to cross the river by boat. We couldn’t swim other wise we would have been eaten by the crocs or even hippo’s.

Chloe: But those lions and other big cats were still hiding from the Nelsons. We still had one more night drive and we knew our guide wouldn’t let us down. We were to be his April fools safari.

Daniel: When we got back to the camp we were greeted by the staff and we were given nice cold flannels. Lunch was made even better as they arranged for elephants to drink in the lagoon in front of where we were eating – what service. After lunch we were taken to the pool for 2 hours -it was really refreshing.

Ellies at  lunchSwimming pool ... still peaceful before the races began

Chloe: First we played who could do the longest handstand under the water, that was me of course. Then we raced each other up and down the pool doing breaststroke. We heard the drum for afternoon tea, so we went down to get a snack to fill us up for the night drive. After 1 hour and a half of watching animals we found a place to have our sundowners. The naughty birds had stopped singing work harder, work harder and were now singing drink larger, drink larger which we all found very funny.

It was getting dark so the man holding the torch lit it up. Suddenly there was a pair off eyes moving. At first I thought it was a sign post but it wasn’t. Dad said what is it and I shouted it’s a Cheetah but I guess I was wrong because it was a LEOPARD it walked around and it was only about 10 feet away from ME. It was so exciting. It had an injured leg, so dad and mum were worried that it might go for the easy meal (me). We followed it for about 15 minutes but then it jumped into the bush. It is so amazing to see a leopard because they are very, very, VERY rare. We didn’t tell anyone because then they would all go looking for it and it had already gone.

LeopardLion cub

Daniel: After moving off Ephraim saw an animal in the bushes. All the other cars had passed it, he was a great spotter. It was a lion with 2 cubs, it was amazing the cubs were so cute. It couldn’t have been a better night. We went out of the national park happy and on our way back to our lodge we saw hippos, it was great. Then we saw a 4 meter crocodile – it was massive. We got too close and it ran off like a cheetah. We drove back into the camp and told everyone about what happened and they were really glad because we hadn’t seen a lion or a leopard before. It was the end of our holiday and we went to the bar and had dinner and went to bed a happy family.


A huge thanks to both Chloe and Daniel for giving us a different perspective of being on safari.

Update on Jo: Jo is coming home! She arrives tomorrow, and Robin is already in Lusaka waiting to accompany her on the flight to Mfuwe. We are all very excited, although we will have to be gentle with her as she is still quite tired from the operations. She’s going to concentrate on recovering fully and will be back in the office part time. Cheers until next week,



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