It’s Monday 7th August 2006 and the serval appearance

It’s Monday 7th August 2006 and the serval appearance

Well I am always somewhat surprised when one of our guests writes back regarding an It’s Monday edition – I thought it was just my mother who read them!

Gavin and Sue were on the vehicle with Bertie when they came across the leopard/honey badger encounter which Jo spoke about last week – and Gavin got a photo. However, he also sent us a photo of a serval too, which is just as exciting since we rarely see them.

Leopard and Honey BadgerServal

Gavin’s shot of 2 giraffe needs a little more explanation I think – answers on a postcard as to what on earth they are playing at!!

I think this couple must have been one of the choosen few as they also got a superb shot of a pels fishing owl whilst with us – people travel to the Luangwa Valley just to try and spot one of these extraordinarily beautiful birds. I must say that I have been lucky enough to see quite a few in the last years and their beauty really is staggering.

two giraffespels fishing owl

Hannah popped down to Nkwali for a couple of days between mobiles and let me loose on her photo card. Along with some “arty” shots of dusty roads and grass, well either arty or she tripped when hitting the button, she has taken some great photos whilst up at the Mupamadzi camps. I particularly like the one of Robin getting his kit off. I had better explain for those of you who do not have the photos on this newsletter that this is not a sports illustrated style expose on safari guides – I am talking about his boots and backpack!

Robin, without shoesWalking in the Mupamadzi

Gameviewing on the mobiles has been good and we often put in lots of photographs of predators and the more impressive antelope and large game on this newsletter. However, I think it is often the small things and seeing the unexpected that really makes the difference between going on safari and having a safari experience. For instance seeing a praying mantis climbing over a hand or coming across a snake – well maybe not quite so close to the snakes but you know what I mean.

praying mantissnake

Meanwhile back at Nkwali, Laura was been helping out with our families at Robin’s House and been on quite a few drives with them. With her trusty new camera she managed to get a couple of super shots of some very young lion cubs this week. Great fun to watch them playing around and generally annoying the adults – oh to be young again.

young lion cubsyoung lion cubs

On that note – hope you have had a wonderful weekend.
Stay well

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