It’s Monday 7th March 2005 the Girls are back in Town

It’s Monday 7th March 2005 the Girls are back in Town

Well I did promise to get out into the park this week but failed miserably. However, Debs and Kerri have arrived back from their month away in Lusaka and were only too keen to get out and about. They set off with Geno for an afternoon drive and came across lots of lovely game. The animals are looking really well – this time of year is great for them as there is no shortage of food. The zebras in particular look fat and healthy. They saw lots of hippos in the lagoons where they tend to hang out instead of trying to stay in the fast flowing rivers. Debs spotted a grey heron land on the back on one hippo and then a crocodile came from nowhere and tried to take it off the hippos back – however, no-one else in the car saw this so we will have to trust her on this one.. There are lots of giraffe around too – in fact up to 7 have been seen at Robin and Jo’s house of late. They are so used to the house now that they come down to drink in front of it. Such a mission with their long legs and neck, but they must feel safe there.

Debs and Kerri took a trip to the Mutinondo Wilderness a short time ago and say that it is a beautiful spot. Actually only 106 km from Nsefu (Kerri has a new GPS gadget!) and on the escarpment so not really far from us. However to get there for most of the year you have to drive all the way back to Lusaka and then up the Great North Road so a couple of days journey. The waterfalls and miombo woodland are obviously very different, scenically, than we are used to in the park and the birding was apparently superb. The intrepid travellers were on foot and had to cross a river – clear water and Kerri picked her spot, put her rucksack on her head and stepped into the knee deep water. However 2 strides later she stepped off a shelf and disappeared for a few seconds. She shouted out for someone to take a photo and then realized that her little digital camera was still in her shorts pocket. However, Canon may be interested to know that it was dried out and continued to work perfectly…hence the photos below.!!

Some of our guests are reptile enthusiasts and we have been asked about the reptile park outside of Lusaka for those who have some time to kill. Well, Debs and Kerri popped along when in town and checked it out. It is worth a visit but more park than reptiles but the beer is cold and plentiful. They also took a nice shot of a boomslang and some crocs.

Simon and Shanie also returned to camp last week and it is great to have them home. Everything is revving up for camp opening in – umm only 10 days now. Shanie is running around measuring up for new mosquito nets and instructing the carpenters where to put shelves in the new kitchen and Simon is just busy running around organizing everything from building to painting to cleaning up all rubbish from the building ….it is good for him – he says that he can do with the exercise after a month of excessive eating and drinking whilst on holiday!!

Stay well and have a great week


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