It’s Monday 9th July 2007 and the python scores

It’s Monday 9th July 2007 and the python scores

Breakfast at Tena Tena Robin had a real treat this week. He was invited onto a day safari to Bangweulu Swamps followed by a quick afternoon tea at Shiwa… by two helicopters no less. However, you will hear about that next week. But I had a real treat as well. I spent two nights up in the Nsefu Sector, with Nigel Crofton – our UK marketing rep.

Our first overnight stay was Tena Tena, the camp looked amazing! I was very proud. Like any company manager, I spend a lot of time in the office, dealing with problems, so it is very uplifting to get out to the camps and see how great they are! We sat and watched the amazing sunset over the huge view and in the morning I kept thinking – what a place to have breakfast!

Historical sign at Nsefu Off we drove, to Nsefu. Again – I felt like a proud mother showing off her children! Nigel was fascinated by the history and rather casually nailed to a tree near the fire at the back was a sign, probably some 50 years old!

Cooking at Luangwa Bush CampingHippos from the Camp

Three lazy  hippos We were to spend the night with Debs – who runs the Luangwa Bush Camping unit. Debs simply loves what she does – with her own team of five staff, three camp sites to work with, she walks around the Nsefu Sector getting to know all the creatures well. She talks about the female leopard in the ebony grove who will not show herself and all the times that Debs has been so close to seeing her but never quite does. About the male leopard who is not shy at all and about how each camp site is so different. So after lunching near some snoozy hippos we decide to go and see these sites.

Passing three hippos standing in an apparent daze out on the plain, we arrive at a huge tree. The staff call this the “nsato” site – meaning python. In the tree there is a python (medium size which is still large!) who has lived there for the three years we have been camping there. The python has only once been on the ground during a safari. The staff who were ahead setting up camp, radioed through to Debs to ask what to do –
“The snake is in the toilet bush”!!
“Don’t worry ” says Debs. “It won’t be a problem”.
That night one of the guests says rather tensely at dinner,
“Debs, there is a huge snake right next to me”. The python passed by, within a couple of feet, without a hesitation and slithered off to her tree.

Trying to get a glimpse of the python Recently a second python has arrived and as Debs put it – “scored at last”. Sitting at the top of a tree in the middle of a plain is probably not the easiest place to find a mate.
And trust me you get a neck ache trying to find these snakes!

Jo and Kerri enjoying the view A wonderful night camping (with Robin who joined us) and in the morning Robin and I met up with Kerri from Tena Tena to discuss the position of a hippo hide on the river. We sat on the edge of the river for a long time. What a lovely time it was.

Robin and I are off to Zanzibar tomorrow – for a week’s rest on the beach. I find it hard to go as so much is happening here but I cannot wait to be in the sea!

So have a wonderful week wherever you are!


An Amazing Sunset at Tena Tena

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