It’s Monday28 Feb 2005 and the Builders

It’s Monday28 Feb 2005 and the Builders

This week has been one of those typical rainy season weeks – none of us have left camp to get into the bush. Therefore I thought I would give you an update of what is happening in camp.

Building is the order of the day. The new kitchen is coming along nicely but we need the electrician to finish soon so that we can start plastering. Then the plaster has to dry so that we can paint – so a little bit against the clock now as we open in just over 2 weeks. As you can see from the pictures it still looks every much like a building site but it is going to be great – lots of space.

Room 6 is having another room built onto the side for use as a suite. The thatching is coming along and again, once they have finished the plasterers will move in. We are quite excited by the design and Jo and I spent ages this week choosing fabric designs and colours. Finally the decision was taken and they are now being made up by Tribal Textiles – who I am sure are used to us phoning through our orders and giving them a ridiculously short deadline..

The new bathrooms for chalet 1 and 6 are looking great – the floors are in and the first loo was plumbed in this week – and works thankfully. So now we need to start putting the fixtures and fittings in place. It is all go and strange to see Keyala running around with a clip board trying to keep track of everyone.

Sunday was a day of rest. All the casuals were sent out for the day and Keyala took Geno off for her first trip on the river. As they left the sun came out and they popped up the river for half an hours cruise. This week is change over of the watchmen at Tena Tena and subject to the weather we are sending Geno up with them so that she can have an idea of what the river is like at this time of year. Last year I went up and it rained all the way up – a miserable experience. Then the sun came out and the trip back was just glorious, so I hope that she has luck in both directions.

Big excitement of the week is the arrival of our new vehicle. Robin bought a landcruiser pick up and sent it off to Tanzania for conversion into a safari version of a people carrier. It has seats for 7 in the back and is beautiful. We took it for a spin the other night and it is unbelievably comfortable – must be the bright yellow double shocks – or so I am told by the experts. Driving up to the mobiles in this machine is going to be a pleasure.

Well I shall try and get out this week and see what is in the park and report back.

Stay well and have a great week


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