It’s Monday 14th February 2011 and your fantastic shots

This week I want to tell you about the Robin Pope Safaris Photo Competition 2011, and we will review the winners from the last 4 years.

Shower on Safari

Category: Funny moments
2007 Winner: Mary Chris Wall

Charcoal Iron

Category: Safari Camps
2007 Winner: Mark Holford

A great number of guests, passionate about wildlife photography, and from all continents, have been submitting their photos since 2007, for the RPS Photo Competition, expressing great moments on their safaris in our properties in Zambia and Malawi.

Beautiful Scene

Category: Landscape
2007 Winner: Tom Savage

Safari Walking

Category: People on Safari
2007 Winner: Mark Holford

Again this year we would like to invite you to send us your views from your experiences in the bush and lake. Please submit photos taken while on safari or a special activity with Robin Pope Safaris in the different places where we operate, in Zambia: South Luangwa (including Kawaza Village ), Liuwa Plain , Kasanka Bat Safari ; and in Malawi: Nyika Plateau , Lake Malawi and/or Majete Wildlife Reserve .

Flower and bug

Category: Small Things
2007 Winner: Wim Jacobs

Great White Egret

Category: Birds
2007 Winner: Paul Otten

This year we will have three categories: Wildlife, People, and Landscape. Wildlife includes all bush animals from birds to cats. People category includes staff, guests in activities, local people.

Double-headed giraffe

Category: Animals
2007 Winner: Tom Savage

Heron and moonlight - Mike Whatmore

Category: Birds
2008 Winner: Mike Whatmore
Heron and moonlight


Best in category

The prizes will offer you extensions to your next safari for two people:

Three honour places for the best in each of the categories, Wildlife, People, and Landscape:

  • Free night at Mkulumadzi Lodge, Majete Wildlife Reserve

Best photo of 2011

RPS will offer you an extension of your next safari for two people:

  • stay for 2 nights at any RPS camp and receive 1 free night,
  • stay for 5 nights at any RPS camp and receive 2 free nights
  • stay for 7 plus nights at any RPS camp and receive 3 free nights

Mystical Sunshine - Tom Savage

Category: Landscapes
2008 Winner: Tom Savage
Morning dust

Fighting hippos - Tom Savage

Category: Animals
2008 Winner: Tom Savage
Fighting hippos

How to enter

The categories for entries are: Wildlife, People, and Landscape.

Kathy Richardson - runner up photo

Category: Birds
2009 Winner: Katie Richardson

Kathy Richardson - the winning shot

Category: Animals
2009 Winner: Katie Richardson

There is no limit on the number of entries per person. Each entry must comply with the following requirements:

  • All pictures must be digital and must be 3 megabytes or smaller, must be in JPEG or JPG format, and must be at least 1,600 pixels wide (if a horizontal image) or 1,600 pixels tall (if a vertical image).
  • Photographs must have been taken 01 December 2010 to 01 December 2011 and must have been taken during a Robin Pope Safaris activity.
  • All photos must be submitted by 1st December 2011 to
  • Photographer name must be part of the image title: eg. firstname_lastname_photocaption_.jpg

Winner to be announced on 19 or 26 December 2011 in It’s Monday newsletter

Robin Pope Safaris will have unrestricted copyright rights of all photos submitted.

All prizes must be claimed by the end of 2012.

Category: Animals
2010 Winner: Warren Wilson
Baby elephant enjoying a mud bath

Category: Animals
2009 Runner up: Warren Wilson
Leopard planning its hunt

Next time you come to visit us, don’t forget your camera, because Zambia will inspire you!

Have a great week,


Luangwa Expanse - Karen and Chris Selph

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