It’s Monday 8th August and Kawaza is touching hearts

Well another week has flown by, and, yes, its Monday again. Let’s hear from Steph who visited Kawaza Village while she was down in the Valley….

“I was lucky enough to join Paul, India and their family from America on an excursion to Kawaza Village. We set off after lunch and had a very pleasant drive through Mfuwe town with Kanga our guide filling us in on all the happenings of his hometown, including the nightlife at a popular joint curiously named the Obama Night club (this of course amused our American guests very much).

On reaching the village we were met by Felix, the headmaster of Kawaza school who gave us a brief overview of what’s been going on. The school has ten classrooms and hosts an astounding 1000 students from the Kawaza village as well as surrounding villages. Amazingly there are only 17 teachers for the whole school! Despite all these obstacles, the staff is doing a fantastic job and definitely need to be commended. India was kind enough to donate four dictionaries from America which I know will go a long way.


From the school we walked to the actual village and were greeted by the Kawaza villagers like old friends. Felix gave our American guests a quick lesson in the local lingo beforehand, thus the villagers were really impressed when their visitors greeted them back in their own language!


One of the highlights of the visit for me was meeting the children. No Playstations or X Boxes, no TVs or Internet – yet I’ve never seen happier faces! We met so many little ones throughout the village tour and by the time we’d reached the end of it there was quite a troupe behind us, all eager to pose for a photo and were absolutely thrilled when they saw the image after. It really didn’t take much to please them! The whole village echoed with their laughter throughout the visit…


I’d urge anyone visiting one of our RPS camps in South Luangwa to find the time to visit Kawaza Village. Not just because your contributions and time go an extremely long way in helping improve the level of education and life in general for the people of Kawaza but also because you get to immerse yourself in their culture giving you a completely new outlook on life in general and you get to experience the genuine warmth and love of the Kawaza people all of which is simply priceless! “

It’s good to hear how the local communities are benefitting from tourism and we hope this will continue to grow.

I recently heard from Alexandra Landers from the UK who revisited South Luangwa after many years with her husband John. They enjoyed their stay with us so much, particularly at Nkwali that they even named their boat after it! So now we not only have an Nkwali on the banks of the Luangwa River but also one sailing down the Thames! Thanks Alexandra for getting in touch.


Well that’s all for now.
Have a great week everyone


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