It’s Monday 16th January 2012 and panic over

So, if anyone had any pre-conceived ideas that farmers were obsessed with the weather, I can assure you that we happily knock spots off them!! Months of guessing when the first rains are going to arrive, then obsessive observations on dates and quantities of rainfall, followed by how much has the river gone up or gone down. Last week I wrote of our trip up to Nsefu, and the epic that it turned into, and I am sure that for those of you who are joining us on our River Journey Safaris starting next week may have had a slight worry – that is nothing compared to what we were feeling. Rob and I just spent six days in Malawi, over at Mkulumadzi, and I was getting twice daily e-mails from Kiki about the rain and the river levels. Today Daudi has left to get going on opening the camp, and the river came up all day yesterday, and apparently a bit more over night – phew!!!

River JourneysDaudi

So that is the latest on the water levels; now lets move on to Malawi. Rob and I headed over there for the week to say goodbye, sadly, to Mark and Jenna who are heading back to South Africa and to hand over to Bertie who is taking over from them for the next couple of weeks before the camp closes. The day we arrived, very excitingly, there was a group there from Africa Parks releasing a further two leopards, which is great news for the park, and of course for our guests. They also managed to find one of the leopards later on in the same day attempting to get a tasty bush buck for dinner!!


The camp is looking fabulous with all the vegetation having sprung back up after a very long and hard dry season, and the entire camp just blends in with the natural surroundings. The only problem that we found was that we just ate so much absolutely scrumptious food! To the point that, one of the mornings, we opted not to go down to the restaurant area for fear of being persuaded, so we sat in the office concentrating on coffee and computers, when there was a knock on the door and one of the waiters came in with a cooked breakfast for each of us. Thank goodness there is a great big hill to walk up and down so many times a day.

Mkulumadzi cuisineMale Nyala

The gameviewing for the guests has also been really great, even though the bush has become really rather thick, the game is becoming less skittish with some great sights of waterbuck, belly deep in water, huge bull elephants (on seeing one, Bertie’s eyes almost fell out of his head as he had never seen such a big elephant) and then also the Nyala and Sable both of which I adore as we do not get them here in the Luangwa. All this sounds like I did nothing but go out on gamedrives, but I can assure you that this was all information passed on to us from the guests.

MkulumadziMale Nyala

Back from Malawi, after what can only be described as an interesting drive, skidding down the road sideways for some parts, while looking up at the beautiful tarmac that we were not allowed to drive on. We are back with a vengeance getting the camps open for the river safaris. Luangwa River Camp is looking rather bushy, as I have put my hand to some gardening, which translated mean’t don’t cut anything down and let nature take hold during the rains. On a more controlled note, the building teams have been in the camp for the last two weeks and in that time have managed to fully renovate one room which is very exciting so hopefully by the end of this week we will have two completed.

Don’t worry, I will keep you posted. On that note though, I shall say goodbye for another week and hope that you all had a great week.



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