It’s Monday 23rd January 2012 and Cat and Mouse!!

Well what a week! Yes you guessed it, rain and plenty of it! So much so in fact that the river came up 3.5 meters in 3 days! Can you even begin to imagine the quantity of water that requires? It does also have its fair share of problems though, with the diesel tanker getting stuck on our road and having to be tugged out by the Samil. A bunch of very muddy and slightly unimpressed guys came in after that event. The Nkwali lagoon is so high that it is lapping at the waiters path, so creative serving is taking place and we are all walking around looking terribly attractive in our shorts and gum boots!
One of the guys on the team also deemed it impossible to work in the rain, and when I asked him if it was because he was scarred he would melt, he agreed!!! I think he may have misunderstood the question – at least I hope so. The chefs have also tightly hidden away their red aprons as they believe that it may attract lightning. Speaking of which I heard a lovely story the other day, which I really think I should share – we get bright red velvet mites at this time of year – the local saying is that they are created by the lightning when it strikes the ground. How wonderful is that.

The LuangwaThe Luangwa

The other problem is at night… Two nights ago we had such a storm that there was a clap of thunder so loud that I swear the house shook. It must have been right above us. Well the chaos in our household that ensued was quite something. We are currently looking after a couple of furry friends for the Carnivore Project guys. Matt, the guy heading it up, fondly refers to as his livestock! They consist of Peanut the cat and Mouse the genet, who is only just over a month old. So imagine: Thunder – BOOM! Peanut digs claws in and buries down under the duvet, I sit bolt upright thinking that I am in the first world war or something similar, Mouse squeeks from his little night bed and burrows so far into his fleece blanket that I cant find him and all the while Rob is fast asleep blissfully unaware of the chaos. Both animals then required midnight feeds, petting and general calming down and by the time we were all done and settled again it was an hour later. Unfortunately the nights activities didn’t prevent the early morning wake up for all and sundry and I can assure you that siesta time was welcomed with open arms, when it finally came around.


Asides from personal havoc and sleep deprivation, things here are going great guns. The valley is looking absolutely magnificent. The river is full, the weather is lovely and cool, the trees are simply the most phenomenal green you can imagine – photos look almost fake, like they have been “photo-shopped” to the extreme, but I can assure you that they haven’t! The ground is scattered with wild ginger flowers and teeming with new and intriguing little marvels. And to top all of that off (as if it needed topping off) the wildlife has been superb with some stunning lion and leopard sightings for the last couple of days.

Well that is it for this week but I will leave you all with news of a fantastic sighting at MkulumadziBertie was out with some guests and saw a caracal! No photos unfortunately so we will have to take his word for it – but a first for all in the car.

That really is it for this week – hope that you all have a good one and catch you same time same place next Monday. This week I was meaning to chat to you about Shoebills, but afraid I got carried away with recent events, but, I promise, next week…




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