It’s Monday 6th February 2012 and it is not always the big things!

Hope everyone is well and that those of you in the Europe are surviving the Siberian weather front that is currently en-route and also that none of you Ozzies out there have been hit by the floods we saw on the news.  Crickey, what is going on with the weather at the moment?!

Here after a blistering week of blue skies sunshine and hot temperatures things finally cooled down with a lovely gentle rain throughout the night last night – huge relief.  Today things are once again looking refreshed and like they have snapped back to life again – we are also all walking round with decidedly more of a spring in our steps as well.


So then, what has been happening this week – the boats have been buzzing up and down the river between Nkwali, Luangwa River Camp and Nsefu as the River Journeys are well under way.  Having had a week of no rain the river has gone down quite a lot, but, in turn, this has allowed for slightly more “on foot” adventuring with Daudi making it to the Stork Colony where the Yellow Billed Storks are in their full breeding plumage, beak chattering and nesting in large numbers already.

Termite Mound

On one of my morning forays to main-stores, trying to avoid what my father would fondly term a “squaddy mess”, on one of the roads I heard a rather strange kind of hissing noise.  Curiously (maybe not such a good idea following a hissing noise through thick, high vegetation) I decided to investigate further only to find that the noise was coming from the termite mound.  It was completely open.  As I stepped closer, and put pressure on my foot nearest the mound, the hissing started again. When I peered in all the termites were feverishly working away on a major spring cleaning operation.  The form of the termite mound was really quite amazing and rather stunning for a lump of mud!  As I leaned further over the workers started to head for cover as the soldiers made a move out to defend their fortress – at which point I graciously retreated.  Something that I have never seen before and it just goes to show that we can never finish learning, and nature can never stop teaching us something new.


Rob and I also headed out on a game drive one morning, which was a big treat and our first one this year – despicable I know!  We usually just drive along chatting and enjoying being out and find that on each outing we are more often than not blessed with what we term as “magic moments” a moment which you happen upon and are the only people witnessing it, knowing that you will never see the same thing again.  Driving down the road with hundreds of butterflies flittering all around us as if we were in some kind of fairy land.  Mushrooms standing proud and delicate from piles of elephant dung.  Firecrowned Bishops standing out with their bright red plumage against the furious green of the grass and then of course the elephants (I know I said that it was the small things this week but…) looking full, fat and very healthy the babies swamped by the tall grass and barely visible above it, and the impalas, their coats shinning and their tummies full.  It was the perfect morning out.


That is all for this week.   Lastly though, on the lessons of Cat and Mouse – Mouse tried copying Peanut in the consumption of toothpaste and was more than massively unimpressed by the whole thing, so much so that he jumped into the shower whilst it was running!!!


Have a great week.





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