It’s Monday 26th March 2012 and it’s a girl!

It has been some time since we chatted as we had whisked you across the border to Malawi over the last two weeks so we are pulling you right back into Zambia. This week I thought that we would talk about our two shortest guides Braston and Daudi. What they lack in vertical prowess they make up for in personality and bush skills and the last two weeks have been no exception.

In a competition, between River Journeys, with Daudi up at Nsefu and Braston who has been guiding down at Nkwali the guests have been regaled with some pretty phenomenal game viewing. Standing at the Nkwali bar with regular guests Keith & Sue and Keith & Uschi, they told me all about their week with us at RPS.

Setting off on the Luangwa RiverLagoon

On a trip up the river with Daudi they came across a herd of elephants trying to cross a very high and fast flowing river. All the cows were huddled around the two youngsters who were struggling to swim against the current and if that wasn’t enough it turned into a several hour battle. Having made it across the river to the other side they were then hit with a 1-meter wall of riverbank, which they couldn’t climb up. What now…? Clambering up against the bank splashing water and making it more and more treacherous one of them made it in a real scramble but the rest couldn’t get up.

The two remaining cows decided to take the leap and make it out of a different spot so getting back into the water off they set – the only problem being that the babies didn’t follow them? Whether it was mixed messages or they simply didn’t fancy another swim in the treacherous waters they huddled together on the bank whilst the two females were now desperately trying to get back to them. Then the kids decided to make their move but what they didn’t see were all the crocs streaming their way towards them looking for an easy meal.

Oh my goodness could it get any more nerve wracking?? Fortunately the current swept everyone together to a sand bank where they were able to put their feet down catch their breath and finally get out. What a relief after an incredibly traumatic experience.


So if that was not enough for one safari Braston then decided that he absolutely had to try to top it. With a whole heap of different sightings along the way we all caught up behind the Nkwali bar for a “debrief” on their week and most recently, their morning game drive. Finding muddy lion paw prints on the side of the road and following them, listening to the alarm calls of the other wildlife and finally finding the lions huddled up relaxing under a tree – it wasn’t seeing the lions but the excitement of tracking them.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, a beautiful male kudu peering out of the thick bush just visible with his huge horns poking up through the foliage.

The highlight of the bar chat was Braston’s description of the sighting of a juvenile Bateleur Eagle perched on a dead tree calling and displaying. Braston’s description involved him furiously flapping his arms pretending to be wings, wiggling his bum and squawking very loudly. Well, needless to say, that was enough to have us all in hysterics and put an end to any further bush tales, as we were all too distracted.

Lion printlions

juvenile Bateleur Eaglejuvenile Bateleur Eagle

With all of this excitement we have to top it off with some fabulous news – Ton and Margaux had a lovely little baby girl – Elise – born on Thursday. Congratulations and welcome to the RPS family!


So that is it. Have a great week, enjoy and have fun.




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