It’s Monday 3rd December 2012 and a little bit of everything

Well, hello everyone. I hope that the weekend has been one of huge relaxation and everyone is refreshed and ready to hit the December festivities with gusto and enthusiasm.

As you can probably tell, I am already getting excited about Christmas! My order for turkeys has gone in.  I am heading to Lusaka to get some Christmas preparation under way and I have started to dust off the decorations whilst singing along (albeit rather out of tune) to some Christmas carols.  With a lot more success, the Christmas choir is starting their practices tomorrow for the Christmas Eve carols, so thankfully the valley will be spared my lack of musical talent.

Moving away from the Luangwa we have news of Kiki, who is having a fantastic time in the UK but missing the warmth of Zambia and asking for some sunshine as a Christmas present!  End of term is coming up and his first major assignment has been handed in and great results were received, so massive well done to him on that front.


Back here things here are plodding along quite nicely! We are still waiting for the rain but Daudi and the team are very prepared with the canvas blinds up in the bar so that the Mosi beer bottles don’t get swept away by any sudden downpour. The boats are at the ready, in the hopes that the water is going to go up enough to allow them to float.  Having said that, the river has snuck up marginally over night, but it has to be said I am not sure if I have ever seen it this low.  The wildlife though seems to be on the whole, completely unfazed by the weather or water levels and continues to perform for us.  In fact just a couple of nights ago the watchman was walking through Nkwali and saw a leopard sitting on the Nkwali bridge, yes the small footbridge between the camp and the car park!!  Well at least it is not just us and the baboons enjoying the view from there.

Luangwa  RiverLeopard


The rest of the game has been fab, in particular the porcupines and I am afraid you are going to have to take my word for it as there is no photographic evidence.  At the beginning of the week Rob and I had a few days off and came around a thick combretum bush to find a family of five porcupine during day time.  Mum, dad and the three little ones. Well, it was such a fantastic site, fleeting but fantastic, as they all scuttled away quills up in the air looking for somewhere to hide.  There was also a great sighting over the weekend of another daytime porcupine heading off with a sausage fruit in its mouth as a snack in case it got peckish during the day.

We also at the moment have guests up at Liuwa, and as always the game there has not failed to enthrall.  The first thing though that most people say after their visit is: “wow the skies are amazing!”  Mile and miles of uninterrupted sky with clarity and colours that you cannot even begin to imagine.  That of course is not the only thing that they are there for.  Lady Liuwa is still going strong I believe that she has struck up a friendship with one of the new girls in town so they spend time together chilling out in the shade.

Liuwa  PlainLiuwa skies

Lady  Liuwa

The wild dogs are 21 strong, so who can complain about that, and then there are the hyenas which also rule the roost out there with the pups and sub adults curiously coming up to the car and sniffing it to see if there is potential snack there.  Not to mention of course the birdlife, which is at every turn of the head.

Wild dogs


So for this week I think that we have pretty much covered most of the bases and on that note I shall leave you to your Monday and the rest of the week.

Have a great one and have fun




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