It’s Monday 5th March 2012 and the even smaller things!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last wrote to you, as we have been regaled by stories from Simon and then Anne Cousins. This makes my task this week tricky – what can possibly live up to their stories!

I shall begin with excitement amongst the staff as they all rolled into work yesterday morning – “we saw lions!!” I adore it when the guys still get excited about these things; it shows an ever lasting love for the bush and its wildlife. Every evening and morning we have a car that takes some of the staff into town for them to spend the night with their families. Yesterday morning they were running late and as I stood at the workshop waiting for them all to arrive, I was increasingly becoming het up with the situation. I was about to have one or two stern words but was greeted with such excitement so how could I?? There were lions on the road – a really HUGE male with a female, a mating pair. Well there was a flurry of excitement and the guides were quick to find out and thanks to the delayed staff run our guests all also got to see them.

Now moving on to the smaller treats that we are treated to this time of the year… I think I am going to try something new this week and instead of doing too much chatting I thought that I would bombard you with photos and give you a picture story.

furry caterpillarKite spider

From just a few mornings wandering around it is amazing when you start looking closely what you can find. A furry caterpillar perfectly camouflaged on a fallen log waiting to morph into a stunning beauty – most probably an emperor moth. Kite spiders seemingly floating in mid air but at closer inspection resting on their finely and intricately woven web.


Mushrooms all shapes and sizes bright orange shooting up from the ground, here today gone tomorrow. Others delicately protrude from trees making the most of the humid and damp conditions.

half eaten leafflower

A solitary ant scurrying over a half eaten leaf looking for the culprit who nibbled on the leaf in the first place! Up in the trees a blossoming flower of the “fried egg tree” with the delicate yellow anthers surrounding the green stamen.

yellow flower

Down in the undergrowth sprouting up between the rugged weeds and grass a simple delicate yellow flower, perfectly formed and untouched. A grasshopper – with a furious array of colours making it stand out from the crowd.


There are many many more that still await discovery but alas we have run out of time for this week. I am sure that I shall continue to forage around for intriguing titbits that nature has to offer us but for this week I am afraid that, that is all.

I hope that you all have a fabulous week, have fun.



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