It’s Monday 21st May 2012 and roaring at Majete

This week I thought that we would branch out and go wild!  As some of you may already know, when RPS took over the concession on which we built Mkulumadzi Lodge in the Majete Wildlife Reserve we did so with great plans for the future.


The lodge is now fully operational and treating guests to a very special experience. As if that wasn’t enough, last year leopard were introduced and this year we will welcome four lions to Majete Wildlife Reserve.

Three months to go but the challenge has already started.  The two male lions that are soon going to be stomping around Majete, making sure that their territory is properly marked, have been located in South Africa.  A team have already put collars on to them so that when the big day comes they can be easily found, anaesthetized and moved to a quarantine enclosure (boma) with minimum amount of interference or trauma.  The girls will under go exactly the same treatment and be introduced to the boys for their boma stay under the watchful eyes of the research team.

male lions

Once the boys and girls have been declared fit and healthy, they have their own private air charters from South Africa (obviously very spoilt lions who really know how to travel in style!), boys in one plane and girls in another.  Each travelling with their own private medical teams to ensure that they take note of the inflight rules and regulations and arrive refreshed and ready to go in their new home!

Once they have arrived at Majete and the seatbelt signs have been switched off they will enjoy the comforts of a boma for a two weeks so that they can get used to their new surroundings (as well as each other) and all the teams can be confident that when the day of release arrives that they are in the best possible shape. After the two weeks in the boma, the big day will arrive (either the 24th or 25th August) and they will all be released into the wild. The lions will have radio collars on them for the first few months as it is very important for the researchers to be able to track their movements and ensure that they are doing everything that lions should be doing and there are no complications.

Majete  LandscapeMajete  Landscape

Bridge  over the Mkulumadzi RiverMajete  Wildlife Reserve

This is an extremely exciting operation but also incredibly complex with a lot of people involved in the logistics and organization of it all. We cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement in this. I will keep you posted on the events as they unfold.

For this week I am going to now sign off as I don’t suppose any of our news here in the Luangwa Valley could possibly top this.  I will however say one last thing – Tena Tena and Nsefu are opening this week so you can expect exciting news from there soon.

Warthog  outside a tent at Tena TenaNsefu  chalet

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