It’s Monday 18h June 2012 and great game and great guides

I hope you are well and had a smashing week. Since the last time we spoke, things have been rather fun. Up at Tena Tena , Claire was fast asleep in her grass room only to wake up to the sound of some very heavy breathing! She looked through the gaps in the grass only to see a large male lion slouched on her doorstep!!

Still on the subject of cats, our supply truck came down from its routine supply run to the camps and parked in main stores. 30 minutes later, while sitting in the mess, the guys heard a bang and looked up to find that a leopard had jump up onto the truck to warm his paws on the bonnet! Once he was through with that, he wondered through the compound and spent an hour on our head mechanics porch!

The curious tales of people being trapped in rooms by wildlife this last week could continue but instead we are going to have a brief snippet from Paula and Thomas French who have just spent some eight days with us and my goodness what incredible photographs!

“We have just returned home having had an amazing time with RPS! We are avid safari goers, so are getting harder to please. The wildlife whilst still enthralling and exciting is also getting more challenging to see “firsts”! This time however we had some such unusual sightings: a Harrier Hawk with a green snake, a Maribou Stork which caught a Yellow Billed Stork chick which had fallen from it’s nest at the stork colony, a hippo with a gaping hole in his rear leg. A coffee break with a bull elephant bathing in a lagoon. We also saw HUGE flocks of Quelea, which was amazing to watch as they ducked and dived through the air.

Harrier HawkMaribous stork

Wounded hippoElephant splashing


The general birding was also quite phenomenal with a huge variety of species. There was never a dull with the game in general.



We were in the Luangwa for 8 nights and I can’t praise our guides enough! Chilumba never far away from his bird book, Bertam who could be found hiding behind a buffalo skull, and Victor! All the staff went out of their way to ensure we had a great time.

Smiles all roundBertram messing around

Fortunately on the final day I got to see my lions (missing all week), so I was delighted! We actually saw more leopards than lions!! (six separate sightings).



The bush lunches and sundowners were particularly special, and the food was delicious!

chilling outsundowners

Each camp stood out for different reasons! Nkwali had amazing views and I loved the lagoon at the back with all the dragonflies. Luangwa River Camp was luxury in the bush and Tena Tena was really intimate with great views as well as being in a prime position.


LRC Hospitalityraptor

Accommodation, staff, hosts, food, EVERYTHING was 101% and we will definitely return (we are talking of returning later in the year!!).

Thanks once again to all at RPS, it was a safari we won’t forget!”

Thanks so much Paula and Thomas! It is always fantastic to hear about the safaris from “the horses mouth” as whilst we can hear tales from the guides and see plenty of wildlife around the camps, it is never the same as spending eight intense days exploring the bush and taking the time to enjoy and see what is out there.

So for this week that is all! I shall leave you with the thought of us all in woolly hats and fleeces as winter has definitely set in, this morning I could see my breath as I walked to work.

Have a great week and chat same time same place next week




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