It’s Monday 23rd July 2012 and lazy Luangwa days

I hope that you’re well and sitting comfortably because for this week I am handing over to Simon Cousins…

“Over the last six weeks I have been lucky enough to return to my home from home, the Luangwa Valley, no less than three times! I just can’t get enough of it! The winter months in the bush are something to behold: the crisp morning air, the wonderful smells of the bush and the beautiful early morning light as the sun comes up. It is very hard to put it all into words but those of you who have experienced this will know what I am on about!

All three trips were very different but equally special. The first was with the family and friends from Malawi, a now annual trip for the Johnny Ambrose Memorial touch rugby tournament in the valley. It is very special to have the kids out in the bush with us and watching them enjoying the bush. I first visited the Luangwa Valley in 1980, when I was four years old, so it is lovely to be there with the next generation. Fortunately for me Isla, my three year old, is easy to please, monkeys and baboons are her favourite animals, so no pressure to find aardvarks, wild dogs and the like!

South Luangwa Valley

Coffee breakMale Kudu

The next trip was to Nkwali Camp with work colleagues (tough one, I know !! ). As to be expected the weekend was fantastic with the usual wonderful service from all of the staff at Nkwali. Rocky was guiding us and, as usual, the wildlife did not disappoint. We had great sightings of lions feeding on a young hippo, lions mating, leopard with a porcupine kill along with lovely sightings of elephants, giraffes and all the plains game.

Lioness with her killLions mating


Out on the plain

The third trip (two weekends in a row! ) was with two friends. With our families away on holiday, the little bachelor herd decided that since it was a long weekend in Malawi, we would head to the bush! We spent two days lazing around in the park, doing a little bit of driving in the morning and afternoon and in between we would relax in the shade of the trees on the banks of the river. Perfect!


In FlightHoopoe

Typically, when you are not necessarily looking for game and there is no pressure to find the cats etc is when you see it all! We had the most wonderful sightings of all sorts of things but the most spectacular was a lovely little leopardess that could not care less about our presence. We sat watching her for over an hour as she rolled around in the sand, tried to hunt, half-heartedly, before finally wandering off into the bush – a truly memorable sighting.

The Little Leopardess

Thanks to all those friends and my extended family in Robin Pope Safaris for making these trips to the bush so special.”


Leopard with KillForaging for grub

Enjoying the view

Thanks Simon, needless to say I am sure that Shanie is reading this with a certain amount of envy, as she was not privy to two of the trips.   But hopefully we can persuade her to come on over again soon.

A very quick Tena Tena update for you all: we are furiously beavering away at getting everything up and running. We have now started on the bathrooms and the kitchen so we can be certain of hot showers and yummy home cooking.

So for this week really there is very little else that can be said asides from have a great week and an even better weekend.





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