It’s Monday 6th August 2012 and new faces at Mkulumadzi

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are ready to face the week ahead. I thought it would be good this week to hear from the Mkulumadzi team, so it’s over to Emma:

The season is in full swing now bringing with it many new and interesting guests to the park. The majority of which have never been to Malawi before and are amazed by what they find – the great abundance of game, which at this time of year can be found drinking from the Shire and Mkulumadzi Rivers.

Elies cooling offA male water buck

An elandA hippo yawning

We’ve had a pretty spectacular sighting of a spotted eagle owl and have been entertained for hours by breeding herds of elephants during the boat safaris playing in the water and especially the babies learning how to use their trunks. Chris also came across a leucistic (white) bushbuck whilst on a boat safari. She was fairly young and still accompanied by her mother. We also had a lonely greater flamingo spotted recently hanging out with the Egyptian geese.

Boating on the ShireElie taking a dip

Still no sightings of the leopards yet but there has been a lot of evidence of them along the roads. A male and females’ tracks were seen walking side by side which we are hoping means good things for their population.

In other news, our resident hippos have introduced a new baby to us. He or she basks in the sun in the morning hours tentatively avoiding the enormous crocodile that takes over the bank that they share. The croc, showing off its pearly whites, occasionally takes a halfhearted snap at the youngster trying to steal its sunshine.

HipposFamily of hippos

Croc bearing his pearly whites

We have a new team here at Mkulumadzi. Guy Kleynhans has joined us from South Africa and is our new chef cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Maxime Janssen, from the Netherlands, has been looking after our guests “up front” and learning something about bush life everyday. She will be moving on to Pumulani to lend a hand there so let’s hear from her before she heads over and how she’s finding living in the “Warm Heart of Africa” and seeing everything for the first time:

“I arrived at Mkulumadzi Lodge about a month ago having never been to the African continent before. Malawi has been great so far! Everyone is very friendly and also, (even though cliché) very warmhearted. It is amazing to see all the animals in real life, and the nature here is beautiful!

The Lodge is amazing, and the guests are very interesting to say the least. They arrive usually very enthusiastic about the lodge and the animals that they have seen along the way. After they come in and see the view, they are surprised by the tranquility and peaceful ambience the lodge has to offer. It is great to see the guests being so enthusiastic and interested about the bush and game. They surprise me by all the facts they learned about from the guides. We sit down by the fire to hear about their day and what they have seen and done. All these stories make me want to see more of Malawi and the rest of the African continent.



I will be going to Pumulani, to see if I can find some more clichés at the “Lake of Stars”. I am really looking forward to it! For now I would like to say thank you to everyone at Mkulumadzi, it was great and I will come back for sure, especially because I still need to see those zebra’s!”

That’s all for now from Southern Malawi. We look forward to sharing our sunsets with you over a Malawi Gin and Tonic soon!

Emma, Maxime & the Mkulumadzi team

Thanks Emma & Maxime for filling us in on what has been happening down in Majete.

One final mention for the week, is to let you all know about this years photography competition. There are three categories: wildlife, people and landscape. All photos need to be taken whilst staying at a Robin Pope Safaris camp any time from December 2011 onwards. For more information, have a look at this link. Good luck and we look forward to seeing the winner here.

While on the subject of photography I thought I might mention that there are some spaces available on the next Photographic Workshop in October led by David Rogers. For those keen on photography or would love to learn more, contact us for more information.

Have a great week ahead



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