It’s Monday 24th September 2012 and a night on the Mupamadzi

Dragging myself away from this dream and hitting reality once more it has to be said that this year we have had the most incredible wildlife experiences up on the Mupamadzi. The wildlife has really pulled out all the stops with the most enormous diversity of just antelope, never mind the rest of the game. Hartebeest, Roan, Eland, Reedbuck, Impala, Puku, Waterbuck, Grysbok to mention but a few, and all of these being regular sightings. This year we have also had a slightly larger factor visiting the area in the form of elephants! These have been a rare sighting there over the last few years but this year there are quite a few herds coming through. Walks are regularly seeing herds of buffalo as well as lion and leopard, which is fabulous and definitely gets the old heart going a little faster.




Sadly we only have one more mobile left before the end of the season – I cannot believe how quickly it has gone. So when the opportunity presented itself in the form of a car needing to go up and bring the team out for a little break, needless to say we leapt at it. Jumping into the car we headed up quickly to Nsefu and Tena before crossing the river and starting the journey up the 05 road through the great African void – enjoying the vast quantities of tsetse flies. It is true that in Africa nothing comes easily and so in order to reach such a magical place it is essential that some form of payment is made!

Mobile Tents

We made it in good time for sundowners. Not wanting to impact on the guests’ experience we snuck into camp to say hi to the team before heading to one of the other camps where we would spend the night. Finding our little corner of heaven we quickly put up our tent, put the bed roll down, set up the stove for cooking our dinner and opened up the cooler box. We then plunged into the river, still running quite high, to sit waist deep in beautiful cool water sipping on a glass of wine watching the sunset. How better a way to end the day! Not to be put to shame by the sundowners, the evening also decided to put up some competition; just as I was preparing my elaborate dinner of stir fry a large wildfire crossing Lundu plain lit up the sky, and with that a pride of lions started bellowing out their evening approval. Pretty spectacular.

A spectacle

The following morning up bright and early we went to join the Mobiles team as they packed up the camp. Old hurricane lamps snugly tied to the bottom of the samil, kettles still bubbling away on the fire for the continuous flow of tea and coffee. And as soon as the guests left the idyllic camp on the banks of the river it was taken down and before the blink of an eye the only evidence of us being there were a few patches of flattened grass where the tents had been sitting.

Hurricane lampsKettles boiling away

The trip back down to Nkwali was easier than the way up as there were more of us in the car to shoo away the tsetse flies. The guys piled into the back chatting away for the entire journey, excitedly looking out for all types of game on the way and I suspect even more excitedly looking forward to seeing their families.

So there we have it – a short trip and tale up to Mobiles but one that is very special to all of us. Other than that, truth be told the rest of the wildlife has also been playing their part with lions on the river bank at Nsefu, wild dogs up at the salt pans and eland visiting Tena more and more frequently.

One final bit of exciting news: Pumulani was voted Malawi’s Leading Hotel once again at this year’s World Travel Awards. We are thrilled, thank you to all those who voted!

Take care and have fun.


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