It’s Monday 22nd October 2012 and Claire sings the praises of Pumulani

Hope you are well! This week we will hear all about Claire’s new adventures at Pumulani. Many of you will know Claire from her stint up at Liuwa as well as hosting the Mobiles. Over to you Claire:

“I have gone from the bush of Zambia to the lakeshores of Malawi. Pumulani to be exact.  This beautiful area of Lake Malawi National Park is pretty spectacular. Perched on a granite hill top littered with ancient baobabs and ghostly white star chestnut trees, the lodge overlooks the jewel like body of water Lake Malawi. With just a glimpse of our view one tends to automatically slip into relaxation mode.

Lake Malawi

Pumulani in the local language (Chichewa) means a place to relax and the lodge is the perfect place to do this.  With the serenity of the bush as a back drop, beautiful calls of native birds as a soundtrack and a spectacular lake view, one does not even need to step out of their villa to relax and let go.  Our infinity pool is another great place to chill out, in the water that is, whilst checking out the spectacular view. Look west and you can watch local fisherman casting their nets into the shimmering lake or cast your eyes east and do a bit of bird watching in the granite hills.  Make your way down the walkway and you will eventually get to the beach. Just lying on one of the sun chairs listening to the waves lapping gently against the beach washes away all you troubles.

Great view from  bedroomBathroom view

Infinity Pool

It’s not all about just relaxing, finding yourself and doing absolutely nothing here at Pumulani. We also get guests of the other kind who find it hard to just laze about watching clouds float by in the sky and that is where our adventurous activities come into play. We have a variety of water sports. Sailing, kayaking, snorkeling and of course the adrenalin pumping fun tubing. If you prefer to be on terra firma then you can go for a bike ride or for a walk into the hills with one of our experienced guides.


Water skiingFun Tubing

Birds are often overlooked when going on safari but here at Pumulani they are one of the stars. From the rising of the sun, to it dipping into the water, birds can be seen and heard all day long. White Bellied Sunbirds, Crowned Hornbills, Black-collared Barbets, the ever elusive Pels Fishing Owl and one can never forget our unofficial lodge mascot the Pied Kingfisher! These are just a few that can be spotted from the comforts of your villa  or even on our popular bird walk.

Pied Kingfisher

The perfect day at Pumulani can be starting your day off with a casual bike ride through the village of Mbeya with one of our guides, jump on a kayak and paddle back to the lodge.  Cool down in the lake, relax at the beach under an umbrella with a good book. Have a lazy lunch on the sand under the Mango Trees.  Try and master the art of paddling a traditional dug out boat (Tried it myself and let’s just say I’m not a master of it…yet). Lounge in a hammock and let yourself sway in the breeze coming off the lake.

Lazing on the  beachLazing in the  hammocks

At 4pm head out on our famous dhow with Captian Lukio and his crew for a sail on the lake. Wash off all the sand and sun with a dive into the water from the dhow and then spend the last moments of sunlight with that someone special sipping cocktails. Once darkness falls, have a candle lit dinner on the deck and a chilled bottle of wine and when the inky black sky  has turned into a carpet of  tiny lights gaze up into our telescope and check out Venus, Saturn and Jupiter.”

Sunset Cruise

Thanks Claire, sounds like Pumulani is the place to be!

Before I sign off, some news from our friends down in Kasanka. As of Thursday last week, there were 1 million bats roosting. More to come over the next few weeks – how exciting!

Have a great week!



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