It’s Monday 29th October 2012 and hot and hectic

Well the subject of the week is: “jeepers it’s hot!!”  What makes things even better is that it is not just us feeling the heat.  The elephants can be seen regularly in the river joining the hippos and cooling down. The animals are concentrating around the last remaining areas of water and the cutest was a band of banded Mongoose that hang out around our house, came down to an ever increasing puddle on the front lawn yesterday in an attempt to cool themselves down, some submersing themselves completely in the water. Their little pips, pops and splashes showing just how content they were with their discovery.

Banded  MongooseBanded  Mongoose


One of the other occurrences for this time of the year with the heat are the occasional whirlwinds that scuttle around. One particularly strong one came through the Nsefu bar during the course of the week and managed to push a pint of Mosi from one end of the bar to the other, cleverly pushing the beer from Polly to the guest who was waiting for their drink!!  So there is always a bright side to everything that happens.

The wildlife went through a three day strange quiet patch but has since made up for it with some quite simply extraordinary sightings.

The first one from Rocky and Fred who headed out across the river early one morning to find an adult zebra dead on the sand with 2 leopards feasting on their find.  Both Rocky and Fred couldn’t see any visible signs of trauma and suspected that the Zebra may have fallen foul to a snake bite but this didn’t upset the leopards as they got started on a spot of breakfast.  Amazingly the zebra was left alone all day so the leopards also had dinner served to them with just a couple of vultures circling which posed very little threat.  Full, fat and sleep the leopards retired and the following morning when Rocky went back to check on the process he found eleven hyenas on the kill and vultures swooping in.  As can be imagined with these quantities of hungry mouths everything was finished up by the second afternoon.


As if this was not enough we have also had some phenomenal wild dog sightings, which for this time of the year are rare and majorly exciting.  As guests got back into the car having finished a yummy cooked sunrise breakfast two packs of dogs appeared from different directions.  The smaller pack flattening themselves to the ground watching, listening and smelling what was going on and then, all of a sudden, all chaos broke loose and a rather rampant chase ensued, yelping, and all sorts of other strange noises coming from the twenty-one or so dogs as they pursued each other and stood their ground.  Needless to say it got quite vicious so sooner rather than later, the smaller pack stood down and made a run for it.

Wild  dogs

Guests were also amazingly lucky to have sundowners on the banks of the river and witnessed a crocodile launching himself from the water and taking down an impala! It was almost like it was staged! The timing and positioning was perfect!!!


For now however, as the clouds build, the cicadas sing (if you can call it that) and the frogs begin to chirp, another season has ended for Luangwa Bush Camping, and the team came out early morning in a rather loaded car looking rather comical with all sorts of bits and pieces clinging to the rope holding everything together.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to Tena Tena for another season, which seems rather strange as it feels like we have only just opened it!   Nsefu has another week ahead of it so lets wait and see what that has to offer.

Luangwa  Bush CampingLuangwa  Bush Camping

Tena TenaTena Tena

So for this week I shall leave you before I start on a rather nostalgic slope and say toodaloo! I will chat with you at the end of our peak season next Monday!

In the meantime take care and have a great week




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