It’s Monday 12th November 2012 and a moment of indecision

I hope that you enjoyed another lovely weekend and are ready and raring to go for the week ahead.  Well, today, I am afraid to say that I sat in front of my computer, word document open and was hit with a major moment of indecision! What to talk to you all about this week!!??  It doesn’t happen very often that I am lost for words but well, there we go, this Monday I was.

The last ten days have been so frantic with closing up the camps, then the ENORMOUS rain storm which put a stop to us getting any of the staff or cars out of Tena Tena and Nsefu, and getting all the teams packed up and ready for another stint at Liuwa.  It has resembled somewhat of a merry-go-round, and today, as the cars left for Liuwa, I am left with a slight ‘woosh’ feeling and stumbling around a little.

So let’s get on to some more interesting snippets of information for you all to get your teeth into shall we?!

I mentioned the large storm, which put a dampener on closing the camps. Well, that was not all, it put a dampener on. The wind came through with such gusto that it actually ripped the roof off one of the school blocks at Kawaza School!  Fortunately no one was hurt but it certainly put a new stance on class the following morning!  I am sure though that there may have been one or two students not too upset about the entire event.  Dave from Project Luangwa is now furiously working away, trying to get everything fixed before the next storm comes through. Good luck Dave!

Roof at Kawaza

Life on the wildlife front however has been a lot more relaxed.  Following the rain, everything turned green as if someone had waved a wand over the parched landscape! Little shoots of grass have popped up all over the place.  The impalas have now had their little ones, so there are the cutest little babies jumping around.   One particularly special moment happened on Saturday morning when Rob and I were heading up to check on the camps.  Having just crossed the river we came across an impala who had literally just dropped her baby!  Wow! We must have spent a good 45 minutes watching as the youngster tried desperately to get up and failed time and again before eventually (with a little encouragement from mum) made it up on its four very bandy legs and took its first few wobbly steps.  What a special and magical moment!

Baby stepsSlowly getting up

Nearly thereStanding tall

There are also lots of little baby Egyptian Geese floating around, braving the big scary waters of the Luangwa.  The elephants look relaxed and relieved as they revel in the marginally cooler temperatures, and smugly walk through the thick gloopy mud that everyone else struggles to navigate, their inbuilt 4 Wheel Drive coming into play.


The Red-Chested Cuckoos have migrated back to the Luangwa, a sure sign that the Emerald Season has started and the frogs sit proudly on the rafters croaking gleefully, which tells us that more rain is on the way.  The time of plenty rain is on its way, and I for one look forward to this time of year as it holds such a magical beauty! You simply cannot even begin to imagine it if you haven’t seen it.

Green Season

On that rather gushing note I am going to head off and leave you all to the rest of your day.    Have a great week and until next time …




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