It’s Monday 7th January 2013 and what a way to start the year.

Hi there! I hope that you are well and that the New Year has got off to the desired successful start.

Here, things certainly seem to be heading in that way and the team is in good spirits and the animals are doing exactly what we want them to do!

On the lion front the Chichele pride seems to be on stonking form and really showing off for guests with yet another kill this time slightly smaller but all the same impressive to watch them tuck into an impala.

The two females that have come across the river from the Chichele pride are being seen regularly wandering around Luangwa Safari House and the Nkwali area! We noticed that they were both lactating but no sign as of yet of the cubs until yesterday when one of our trainee guides smugly came into camp having caught the first glimpse of the 3 cubs as they lead their mums down the road.  All healthy, fat and happy so fingers crossed that they stay that way.


We have also finally had some decent rain so the river has come up and the temperatures have gone down! What a relief as we were starting to panic about River Journeys! All the boats are now happily bobbing around in the water so all we need to do is wait and see.

The  Stormy weather

A small note for the ‘twitchers’ amongst you, the European Storks and Abdims Storks are here and have made their journey into the Luangwa for the rains. To top everything off, Chilumba saw 2 Narina trogans on Lupunga Spur which come in just for a short time over this time of the year so big smiles all around.

Other than that, Nkwali continues to be surrounded by elephants, impalas, buffalo and warthogs, so there really is the sense of it being a real garden of Eden!



I always think it amazing how as soon as we cross what we call Robin’s Bridge there seems to be a plethora of animals scattered on the plain as if that is simply the place to be.  Gosh we are spoilt.

Elies  & Giraffe

Okie dokie, I am going to sign off for today and I am afraid I will not be chatting to you for a few weeks as Rob and I are heading out on leave tomorrow, which we are very excited about! Like the storks, we are going to be doing our annual migration to the UK.  The rest of the team will be keeping you fully informed and entertained with the happenings and I will chat to you all as soon as I am back.

Take care, remember to have fun and stick to those New Years resolutions!!




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