February Mkulumadzi

The bush is lovely and green from all the rain, with all the animals happy and healthy, and the sound of the Shire River so tranquil. We have had good sightings of hyena not too far away from camp and the birds are in abundance. The rain has cleared up; the sun has come back and started to dry up all the excess water. Buzz, our resident bushbaby, was spotted during the day taking shelter in a large shady lead wood tree with her baby. Unfortunately we believe her other baby has not survived as we haven’t seen it for a while.The remaining baby is healthy and strong and comes down most evenings with her. Majete’s lions continue to stick around the north eastern sector of the park and have been seen scent marking and territory calling from the Mkulumadzi River to Twiti in the west and Thawale in the south. There’s no hint of pregnancy yet but the prey species are very aware of them now and are acting as they should. Great experiences all round and look forward to even more activity the rest of the year.

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