It’s Monday 4th March 2013 and Luangwa Safari House Mayhem.

I hope that the weekend has been happy and that the new week ahead is looking like it’s about to be a great one.

So from this side, after returning from my leave refreshed and slightly too full of energy, I decided that 3 weeks was plenty of time to completely re-do the Luangwa Safari House kitchen and take up all the floors in the house replacing them with new ones. It was a lot of work! The last sofa was moved into place just an hour before the next guests arrived and the elephants were there offering their moral support throughout the entire event. The house is now looking absolutely fabulous with the lagoon full of water, elephants trampling through, birds coming down to drink and the baboons with their youngsters taking in all the activity.














The only wildlife hindrance during the entire affair were the wire-tailed swallows which decided that whilst the house was empty, that it was way more fun to fly around in the house where it was cooler rather than face some heavy rainstorms. Apparently a shower head is the perfect place to perch and admire everyone’s hard work!

As for the wildlife side of things, it really has been nonstop! Leopards have been seen from Nkwali bar and lions calling almost every night this last week, with some fabulous sightings of two separate mating pairs over the last few days! Fingers crossed that we’ll have some little ones running around in a few months time.








Nsefu has also had some lovely walks with the storks coming into the stork colony and starting to build their nests as well as a leopard fast asleep in the shade of a bush completely unfazed by the walkers. Luangwa River Camp is also open and they have had some incredibly busy game drives with buffalo herds munching their way through the enormous quantities of long grass whilst leopards lay lazily in their branches watching the general goings on!








Nkwali Camp has been full of elephants over the last couple of days which has definitely caused a few challenges in terms of getting around, but nothing beats sitting in the comfort of the bar watching them stroll through camp. The rest of the game has also been fantastic but with no particular stories standing out from the others, just heaps of impala with all the young growing up and looking sleek and shiny with an abundance of food. Giraffes for once not looking quite so tall as they find themselves engulfed by the grass and the migratory birds passing through pleasing all twitchers that visit.








On another note, it has been brought to our attention that a previous Its Monday regarding Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund (LCCF) may may not have been clear. The funds received by Project Luangwa through LCCF go into the very necessary admin costs and the donated/gifted funds given by various companies and individuals’ go into the very necessary projects.

I think that’s all for this week so I shall leave you all to the rest of your Monday and hope that you have a great one.






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